THS788 Quad Channel Time Measurement Unit |

This product continues to be in production to support existing customers.
Quad Channel Time Measurement Unit



The THS788 device is a four-channel timing measurement unit (TMU) that incorporates a time-to-digital converter (TDC) architecture for fast and accurate measurements. The TMU can provide 8 ps of single-shot accuracy. The TDC has a 13-ps resolution (LSB), which is derived from an external master clock of 200 MHz. The TDC uses fast LVDS-compatible interfaces for all of its event inputs and serial result outputs, which allows for fast and reliable data transfer. Each channel can process timestamps at a maximum speed of 200 MSPS.

The THS788 device has a wide range of programmability that makes it flexible in different applications. The serial-result interface has programmable data length, frequency, and data-rate mode (DDR and normal). The event channels can be programmed to take timestamps on rising edges or falling edges. The TMU has a mode for event management, in which the user can program wait times before measurements. This programming is achieved through a 50-MHz LVCMOS interface.

The THS788 device is available in an HTQFP-100 package with a heat slug on top for easy heat-sink access. The device is built using TI’s RF SiGe process technology, which allows for maximum timing accuracy with low power.


  • Four Event Channels + Sync Channel
  • Single-Shot Accuracy: 8 ps, One Sigma
  • Precision: 13 ps
  • Result Interface Range: 0 s to 7 s
  • Event Input Rate: 200 MHz
  • Programmable Serial-Result Interface Speed:
    75 MHz to 300 MHz
  • High-Speed Serial Host-Processor Bus Interface:
    50 MHz
  • High-Speed LVDS-Compatible Serial-Result Bus
    per Channel
  • Programmable Serial-Result Bus Length
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Single 3.3-V Supply
  • Power: 675 mW per Channel, 18 Bits, 300 MHz,
    Four Channels