TL1464 Quad Pulse-Width-Modulation Control Circuit |

TL1464 (ACTIVE) Quad Pulse-Width-Modulation Control Circuit

Quad Pulse-Width-Modulation Control Circuit - TL1464


The TL1464I incorporates on a single monolithic chip all the functions required in the construction of a pulse-width-modulation control circuit. Designed primarily for power supply control, the TL1464I contains an on-chip 1.5 V regulator, four error amplifiers, an oscillator, two dead-time comparators, undervoltage lockout circuitry, short circuit protection, standby control circuitry, and output circuits.

The external speed-up capacitors provide exceptional rise and fall time performance for the PNP power transistor.

The TL1464I operates from 3.1 V supply voltage and 2 pair of four-outputs (CH-1/CH-3, CH-2/CH-4 the same period) at the inverse phase of each other. As a result, the TL1464I provides high-efficiency power supply.


  • High-Speed Drive Controller for PNP Power Transistor
  • Internal-Regulator Provides a Stable 1.5 V Reference Supply
  • Low Start-Up Voltage 3.1 V
  • Internal Short-Circuit Protection
  • Internal Undervoltage Lockout Protection
  • Internal Shut-Down Circuit by Channel
  • Controllable Base Current of External Transistor