(ACTIVE) 48ch LED Driver with Global Brightness Control, LED Open/Short Detection and Power-Save Mode


Functional Diagram


The TLC5954 is a 48-channel, constant-current sink LED driver. Each channel can be turned on or off by writing data to an internal register. The output channels (OUTX) are grouped into three groups of 16 channels. Each channel group (R, G, and B) has a 128-step global brightness control (BC) function. The maximum current value of all 48 channels can be set with an 8-step maximum current control (MC) function. The device has two error flags: LED open detection (LOD) and LED short detection (LSD). The error flags can be read via a serial interface port. The device also has a power-save mode that sets the total current consumption to 7 µA (typ) when all outputs are off.


  • 48 Constant-Current Sink Output Channels with On or Off Control
  • Current Capability:
    • 34.9 mA for 32 Channels
    • 24.4 mA 16Channels
  • No External Resistor for Current Setting
  • Maximum Current Control (MC): 3 Bits (8 Steps)
  • Global Brightness Control (BC) for Each Color Group: 7 Bits (128 Steps), Three Groups
  • LED Power-Supply Voltage: Up to 10 V
  • VCC = 3.0 V to 3.6 V
  • Constant-Current Accuracy:
    • Channel-to-Channel = ±1% (typ), ±3% (max)
    • Device-to-Device = ±2% (typ), ±4% (max)
  • Data Transfer Rate: 30 MHz
  • BLANK Pulse Duration: 40 ns (min)
  • LED Open Detection (LOD)
  • LED Short Detection (LSD)
  • Power-Save Mode (PSM): 7-µA Consumption, High-Speed Recovery
  • Undervoltage Lockout Sets Default Data
  • Delayed Switching Minimizes Inrush Current
  • Operating Temperature: –40°C to +85°C


Features 48CH LED Driver^Error Flag^Fault Detection^LED Open Detection^LED Short to Ground Detection^LED Short to VLED Detection^ON/OFF LED Driver    
Analog Dimming Steps 128    
Data Transfer Rate (Typ) (MHz) 30    
Ch to Ch Accuracy (Typ) (+/- %) 1    
Rating Catalog    
Operating Temperature Range (C) -40 to 85    
Pin/Package 56QFN    

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