TLV320AIC3256 Very Low-Power Stereo Codec with miniDSP and DirectPath™ HP Amplifier |

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Very Low-Power Stereo Codec with miniDSP and DirectPath™ HP Amplifier



The TLV320AIC3256 (also called the AIC3256) is a flexible, low-power, low-voltage stereo audio codec with programmable inputs and outputs, PowerTune capabilities, fully-programmable miniDSP, fixed predefined and parameterizable signal processing blocks, integrated PLL, and flexible digital interfaces.


  • Stereo Audio DAC with 100dB SNR
  • 5.0mW Stereo 48ksps DAC-to-Ground-
    Centered Headphone Playback
  • Stereo Audio ADC with 93dB SNR
  • 5.2mW Stereo 48ksps ADC Record
  • PowerTune™
  • Extensive Signal Processing Options
  • Embedded miniDSP
  • Six Single-Ended or 3 Fully-Differential
    Analog Inputs
  • Stereo Analog and Digital Microphone
  • Ground-Centered Stereo Headphone Outputs
  • Very Low-Noise PGA
  • Low Power Analog Bypass Mode
  • Programmable Microphone Bias
  • Programmable PLL
  • 5mm × 5mm 40-pin QFN Package or
    3.5mm × 3.3mm 42-ball WCSP


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Part number Order ADC channels DAC channels Digital audio interface Analog inputs Sampling rate (Max) (kHz) Rating ADC SNR (Typ) (dB) DAC SNR (Typ) (dB) Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
TLV320AIC3256 Order now 2     2     L
6     192     Catalog     93     100     42DSBGA: 12 mm2: 3.25 x 3.75 (DSBGA | 42)
40WQFN: 25 mm2: 5 x 5 (WQFN | 40)