SNVSAV1A June 2017  – October 2017 TLV760


  1. Features
  2. Applications
  3. Description
  4. Revision History
  5. Pin Configuration and Functions
  6. Specifications
    1. 6.1Absolute Maximum Ratings
    2. 6.2ESD Ratings
    3. 6.3Recommended Operating Conditions
    4. 6.4Thermal Information
    5. 6.5Electrical Characteristics
    6. 6.6Typical Characteristics
  7. Detailed Description
    1. 7.1Overview
    2. 7.2Functional Block Diagram
    3. 7.3Feature Description
      1. 7.3.1Thermal Protection
      2. 7.3.2Dropout Voltage
    4. 7.4Device Functional Modes
      1. 7.4.1Normal Operation
  8. Application and Implementation
    1. 8.1Application Information
      1. 8.1.1Fixed Output
      2. 8.1.2External Capacitors
        1. and Output Capacitor Requirements
        2. Transient Response
      3. 8.1.3Power Dissipation
    2. 8.2Typical Application
      1. 8.2.1Design Requirements
      2. 8.2.2Detailed Design Procedure
      3. 8.2.3Application Curves
  9. Power Supply Recommendations
  10. 10Layout
    1. 10.1Layout Guidelines
    2. 10.2Layout Example
  11. 11Device and Documentation Support
    1. 11.1 Device Support
      1. 11.1.1Related Documentation
      2. 11.1.2Spice Models
      3. 11.1.3Device Nomenclature
    2. 11.2Receiving Notification of Documentation Updates
    3. 11.3Community Resources
    4. 11.4Trademarks
    5. 11.5Electrostatic Discharge Caution
    6. 11.6Glossary
  12. 12Mechanical, Packaging, and Orderable Information

Package Options

Mechanical Data (Package|Pins)
Orderable Information


  • Wide Input Voltage Range up to 30 V
  • Output Current up to 100 mA
  • Available in Fixed Output Voltage 3.3-V, 5-V, 12-V and 15-V Versions
  • Operating Junction Temperature −40°C to +125°C
  • Stable With Ceramic Capacitors Greater Than or Equal to 0.1 µF
  • Active Thermal Protection and Current Limit


  • Post Regulator for Switching DC-DC Converter
  • Bias Supply for Digital and Analog Circuits
  • Home Appliances
  • Power Tools
  • Factory and Building Automation


The TLV760 is an integrated linear-voltage regulator featuring operation from an input as high as 30 V. The TLV760 has a maximum dropout of 1.2 V at the full 100-mA load across operating temperature. Standard packaging for the TLV760 is the 3-pin SOT-23 package.

The TLV760 is available in 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V and 15 V. The SOT-23 packaging of the TLV760 series allows the device to be used in space-constrained applications. The TLV760 is a small size alternative to LM78Lxx series and similar devices.

The TLV760 is designed to bias digital and analog circuits in applications that are subject to voltage transients and spikes up to 30 V — for example, appliances and automation applications. The device has robust internal thermal protection, which protects itself from potential damage caused by conditions like short to ground, increases in ambient temperature, high load, or high dropout events.

Device Information(1)

TLV760SOT-23 (3)2.92 mm × 1.30 mm
  1. For all available packages, see the orderable addendum at the end of the data sheet.




Typical Application Circuit

TLV760 App1.gif