High performance 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4F based MCU

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* Datasheet Tiva™ C Series TM4C123BH6PM Microcontroller Data Sheet datasheet (Rev. E) Jun. 20, 2014
* Errata Corrections to Tiva™ TM4C123x/TM4C129x Data Sheets Manual Update Sheet May 17, 2019
* Errata Tiva C Series TM4C123x Microcontrollers Silicon Revisions 6 and 7 Errata (Rev. F) Apr. 21, 2016
* Errata ARM® Cortex™-M4F Errata (v3) Dec. 15, 2011
User guides TivaWare™ for C Series Release Notes SW-TM4C-RLN- (Rev. E) Feb. 22, 2017
Application notes Using TM4C12x Devices Over JTAG Interface Aug. 18, 2016
User guides TivaWare™ Sensor Library for C Series User's Guide (Rev. D) Aug. 02, 2016
User guides TivaWare™ Bootloader for C Series User's Guide (Rev. D) Aug. 02, 2016
User guides TivaWare™ Graphics Library for C Series User's Guide (Rev. D) Aug. 02, 2016
User guides TivaWare™ Peripheral Driver Library for C Series User's Guide (Rev. D) Aug. 02, 2016
User guides TivaWare™ USB Library for C Series User's Guide (Rev. D) Aug. 02, 2016
User guides TI-RTOS 2.20 User's Guide (Rev. M) Jun. 17, 2016
Application notes Implementation of Programmer for Serial Bootloaders on TM4C12x Microcontroller (Rev. A) Apr. 21, 2016
User guides TI-RTOS 2.16 User's Guide (Rev. L) Feb. 22, 2016
Application notes Using the CMSIS DSP Library in Code Composer Studio for TM4C MCUs (Rev. G) Oct. 07, 2015
Technical articles How fast is your 32-bit MCU? Jul. 15, 2015
More literature TM4C123x Stepper Motor Control Product Summary Jul. 06, 2015
Technical articles Easily increase functionality in motor drive applications May 19, 2015
Technical articles Really smart cities in real time Apr. 25, 2015
Selection guides TM4C Microcontrollers (Rev. D) Oct. 14, 2014
More literature C2000™ TM4C12x Control + Automation MCUs Jun. 09, 2014
User guides Tiva C Series TM4C123x ROM User's Guide May 09, 2014
Technical articles How to have it all: Designing next-generation industrial drive and control systems Apr. 03, 2014
More literature Tiva C Series TM4C123BH6PM Microcontroller Pin Table (Rev. A) Nov. 20, 2013
Application notes Transitioning Designs From Stellaris LM3S Microcontrollers to Tiva C Series MCUs (Rev. A) Oct. 22, 2013
Application notes Differences Among Stellaris® LM3S and Tiva™ C Series TM4C123x MCUs (Rev. E) Sep. 24, 2013
Application notes System Design Guidelines for the TM4C123x Family of Tiva C Series MCUs Jul. 31, 2013
Application notes Stellaris® Graphics Library Display Drivers (AN01287) (Rev. A) Jul. 09, 2013
Application notes Stellaris Application Update Using Stellaris USB DFU Class (AN01273) (Rev. A) Jul. 08, 2013
Application notes Dual-SPI Emulating I²S on Tiva™ C Series TM4C123x MCUs (Rev. B) Jun. 12, 2013
Application notes Migrating Software Projects from StellarisWare to TivaWare for C Series Software (Rev. A) May 01, 2013
White papers An Introduction to the Tiva C Series Platform of Microcontrollers Apr. 12, 2013
More literature Tiva C Series ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers Apr. 12, 2013
Design files TM4C123x OrCAD Symbols Library Apr. 10, 2013
Application notes Powering Cortex-M4 MCUs Using the High Efficiency DCS-Control Topology Feb. 03, 2013
Application notes ADC Oversampling Techniques for Stellaris Microcontrollers (AN01239) (Rev. A) Jan. 08, 2013
Application notes Using Execute, Write/Erase Flash Protection on Stellaris MCUs Using CCS (Rev. A) Aug. 15, 2012
Application notes Using AES Encryption and Decryption with Stellaris Microcontrollers (AN01251) (Rev. B) Jan. 08, 2010
Application notes Software UART for Stellaris Microcontrollers (AN01270) Jul. 07, 2009