±0.2°C Accurate Digital Temperature Sensor With NV Memory

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* Datasheet TMP116 High-Accuracy, Low-Power, Digital Temperature Sensor With SMBus- and I2C-Compatible Interface datasheet (Rev. A) May 20, 2019
Application notes High-Performance Processor Die Temperature Monitoring (Rev. A) Oct. 17, 2019
Application notes Low-Power Design Techniques for Temperature-Sensing Applications Jun. 06, 2019
Application notes How to monitor board temperature Jan. 28, 2019
Application notes Temperature sensing fundamentals Jan. 28, 2019
Technical articles Smart robots coming soon to a cubicle or kitchen near you Jan. 22, 2019
Application notes Temperature sensors: PCB guidelines for surface mount devices (Rev. A) Jan. 18, 2019
Application notes Wearable Temp-Sensing Layout Considerations Optimized for Thermal Response (Rev. B) Oct. 23, 2018
Application notes RTD Replacement in Heat Meter & Cold Junction Compensation Systems (Rev. B) Oct. 18, 2018
Application notes Design Challenges of Wearable Temperature Sensing Sep. 14, 2018
Application notes Design Considerations for Measuring Ambient Air Temperature (Rev. B) Sep. 10, 2018
Application notes Precise Temperature Measurements With the TMP116 and TMP117 (Rev. A) Aug. 09, 2018
Application notes Layout Considerations for Wearable Temperature Sensing Jul. 26, 2018
Application notes Ambient Temperature Measurement Layout Considerations Jul. 16, 2018
Technical articles A modular view of an LED lighting control design Jul. 10, 2018
Application notes Calculating Useful Lifetimes of Temperature Sensors Jul. 06, 2018
Technical articles How sensor technology is evolving to meet cold chain needs Jun. 18, 2018
User guides BOOSTXL-BASSENSORS User's Guide Jun. 18, 2018
Selection guides PLC controller temperature sensors Mar. 13, 2018
Selection guides Temperature sensing cold chain asset tracking Mar. 13, 2018
Selection guides Temperature sensing for smartphones and wearables Mar. 13, 2018
Selection guides Temperature sensors for optical modules Mar. 13, 2018
Technical articles Improve your field transmitter designs with HART Feb. 22, 2018
Application notes Replacing Resistance Temperature Detectors with the TMP116 Temp Sensor Nov. 06, 2017
User guides TMP116EVM User's Guide (Rev. A) Aug. 08, 2017