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Factory Programmed Temperature Window Comparator



The TMP303 devices are temperature range monitors that offer design flexibility through an extra small footprint (SOT-563), low power (5 µA maximum) and low supply voltage capability (as low as 1.4 V).

These devices require no additional components for operation; each can function independent of microprocessors or microcontrollers.

There are seven trip points available see Device Options. Trip points can be programmed at the factory to any desired temperature. For applications that require different values, contact your local TI representative.

The OUT pin is a push-pull, active-high output. When the measured temperature is beyond the trip point range, and the Set Output High (SOH) pin is low, the OUT pin is high. The SOH pin is an input pin with an internal pulldown resistor. When the SOH pin is forced high, the OUT pin goes high regardless of the measured temperature.


  • Low Power: 5 µA (Maximum)
  • SOT-563 Package: 1.60 × 1.60 × 0.6 mm
  • Trip Point Accuracy:
    • ±0.2°C (Typical) from –40°C to 125°C
  • Push-Pull Output
  • Selectable Hysteresis: 1/2/5/10°C
  • Supply Voltage Range: 1.4 V to 3.6 V

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TMP303 Order now -40 to 125     1     0, 60
0, 55
-20, 60    
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