TMP61 Silicon-based linear thermistor with a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) |

TMP61 (ACTIVE) Silicon-based linear thermistor with a positive temperature coefficient (PTC)



The TMP61xx series of Silicon Linear Thermistors has a linear positive temperature coefficient (PTC) that results in a uniform, consistent temperature coefficient resistance (TCR) across a wide operating temperature range. These devices are designed for temperature measurement, protection, compensation, and control systems. Compared to traditional NTC thermistors, the TMP61xx series of devices offers enhanced linearity and consistent sensitivity across the full temperature range. They also have robust performance due to their immunity to environmental variation and their built-in fail-safe behavior at high temperatures. These devices are currently available in a 2-pin, surface-mount, 0402 footprint-compatible X1SON package and a 2-pin, through-hole, mini-sized transistor-outline TO-92S package.


  • Silicon-Based Thermistor With a
    Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC)
  • Linear Resistance Change With Temperature
    • Simplifies Resistance-to-Temperature Conversion
    • Decrease Accuracy Spread Compared to Non-Linear Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Thermistor-Based Circuits Across a Wide Temperature Range
  • 10-kΩ Nominal Resistance at 25°C (R25)
    • ±1% Maximum (0°C to 70°C)
  • Consistent Sensitivity Across Temperature
    • 6400 ppm/°C TCR (25°C)
    • 0.2% Typical TCR Tolerance Across Temperature (-40°C to 125°C)
  • Wide Operating Temperature:
    • –65 to +150°C
  • Fast Thermal Response Time:
    • 0.6s (DEC package)
  • Long Lifetime and Robust Performance
    • Ultra low power consumption compared to traditional NTCs that lower errors due to self heating
    • Built-in fail-safe in case of short circuit failures
    • <1% Maximum Drift after high temperature and high humidity stress tests
  • Available Package Options:
    • X1SON (DEC/0402 Footprint)
    • TO-92S (LPG)
      (Contact Representative for Availability)

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Part number Order Local sensor accuracy (Max) (+/- C) Operating temperature range (C) Supply voltage (Min) (V) Supply voltage (Max) (V) Supply current (Max) (uA) Sensor gain (mV/Deg C) Rating Features Output impedance (ohms) Interface
TMP61 Order now 2     -65 to 150     0     5.5     400     6400 ppm/°C     Catalog       10000     Resistance    
LM20 Order now 1.5     -40 to 125
-55 to 130    
2.4     5.5     7     -11.7     Catalog     Industry standard pinout
UL Recognized    
160     Analog Output    
LMT87 Order now 2.7     -50 to 150     2.7     5.5     8.1     -13.6     Catalog     Industry standard pinout       Analog Output    
TMP235 Order now 1     -40 to 150     2.3     5.5     12     10     Catalog     Industry standard pinout     20     Analog Output