Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor

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* Datasheet TMS320C5535, 'C5534, 'C5533, 'C5532 Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processors datasheet (Rev. C) Apr. 23, 2014
* Errata TMS320C5535/34/33/32 Fixed-Point DSP Silicon Errata (Silicon Revision 2.2) (Rev. C) Jul. 15, 2015
Application notes Using the TMS320C5545/35/34/33/32 Bootloader (Rev. D) Jul. 31, 2018
Application notes Migrating From TMS320C5535 to TMS320C5545 (Rev. A) Oct. 06, 2016
User guides TMS320C5545/35/34/33/32 ULP DSP Technical Reference Manual (Rev. H) Apr. 06, 2016
Application notes Power Estimation and Pwr Consumption Sum for TMS320C5504/05/14/15/32/33/34/35/45 (Rev. A) Apr. 04, 2016
Application notes C5000 DSP-Based Low-Power System Design Nov. 30, 2015
Application notes Migrating from TMS320C5515/05 to TMS320C5535/34/33/32 (Rev. A) Dec. 22, 2011
User guides TMS320C55x DSP Peripherals Overview Reference Guide (Rev. K) Dec. 15, 2011
More literature TMS320C553x-Industry’s Lowest Power DSPs Now at the Unbelievable Price of $1.95 (Rev. B) Sep. 13, 2011
User guides TMS320C55x v3.x DSP Algebraic Instruction Set Reference Guide (Rev. E) Jun. 24, 2009
User guides TMS320C55x v3.x DSP Mnemonic Instruction Set Reference Guide (Rev. E) Jun. 24, 2009
User guides TMS320C55x DSP v3.x CPU Reference Guide (Rev. E) Jun. 17, 2009
User guides TMS320C55x Assembly Language Tools User's Guide (Rev. H) Jul. 31, 2004
User guides TMS320C55x Optimizing C/C++ Compiler User's Guide (Rev. F) Dec. 31, 2003