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5.5V, 2A, 52mΩ Automotive High-Side Load Switch with Adjustable Rise Time & Quick Output Discharge


Models (3)

Title Category Type Date
TPS22918-Q1 TINA-TI Transient Spice Model TINA-TI Spice Model ZIP 31 Jan 2017
TPS22918-Q1 TINA-TI Reference Design TINA-TI Reference Design TSC 31 Jan 2017
TPS22918 PSpice Transient Model PSpice Model ZIP 08 Mar 2016

Design kits & evaluation modules (6)

Name Part# Type
C2000 DesignDRIVE Position Manager BoosterPack™ BOOSTXL-POSMGR Evaluation Modules & Boards
IWR6843 intelligent mmWave overhead detection sensor (ODS) antenna plug-in module IWR6843ISK-ODS Evaluation Modules & Boards
IWR6843 intelligent mmWave sensor antenna-on-package (AoP) evaluation module IWR6843AOPEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
IWR6843 intelligent mmWave sensor standard antenna plug-in module IWR6843ISK Evaluation Modules & Boards
TPS22918 5.5V, 2A, 52mΩ On-Resistance Load Switch Evaluation Module TPS22918EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
mmWave sensors carrier card platform MMWAVEICBOOST Evaluation Modules & Boards

Reference designs

Tamagawa T-Format Absolute Encoder Master Interface Reference Design for C2000 MCUs

C2000™ Position Manager technology offers an integrated solution to interface to digital absolute encoders as well as resolvers and SINCOS transducers eliminating the need for commonly used additional circuits in industrial inverter and servo drives. The PositionManager BoosterPack plug-in (...)

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