TPS22969 5.5V, 6A, 4.4mΩ Load Switch with Quick Output Discharge |

TPS22969 (ACTIVE) 5.5V, 6A, 4.4mΩ Load Switch with Quick Output Discharge


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The TPS22969 is a small, ultra-low RON, single channel load switch with controlled turn on. The device contains an N-channel MOSFET that can operate over an input voltage range of 0.8 V to 5.5 V and can support a maximum continuous
current of 6 A.

The combination of ultra-low RON and high current capability of the device makes it ideal for driving processor rails with very tight voltage dropout tolerances. The controlled rise time of the device greatly reduces inrush current caused by large bulk load capacitances, thereby reducing or eliminating voltage droop on the power supply. The switch can be independently controlled via the ON pin, which is capable of interfacing directly with low-voltage control signals originating from microcontrollers or low voltage discrete logic. The device further reduces the total solution size by integrating a 224-Ω pull-down resistor for quick output discharge (QOD) when the switch is turned off.

The TPS22969 is available in a small 3.00 mm x 3.00 mm SON-8 package (DNY). The DNY package integrates a thermal pad which allows for high power dissipation in high current and high temperature applications. The device is characterized for operation over the free-air temperature range of –40°C to 105°C.


  • Integrated Single Channel Load Switch
  • VBIAS Voltage Range: 2.5 V to 5.5 V
  • VIN Voltage Range: 0.8 V to 5.5 V
  • Ultra Low RON Resistance
    • RON = 4.4 mΩ at VIN = 1.05 V (VBIAS = 5 V)
  • 6 A Maximum Continuous Switch Current
  • Low Quiescent Current
    • (20 µA (Typ) for VBIAS = 5 V)
  • Low Shutdown Current
    • (1 µA (Typ) for VBIAS = 5 V)
  • Low Control Input Threshold Enables Use of 1.2 V or Higher GPIO
  • Controlled and Fixed Slew Rate Across VBIAS and VIN
    • tR = 599 µs at VIN = 1.05 V (VBIAS = 5 V)
  • Quick Output Discharge (QOD)
  • SON 8-Pin Package with Thermal Pad
  • ESD Performance Tested per JESD 22
    • 2-kV Human-Body Model (HBM)
    • 1-kV Charged-Device Model (CDM)


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