TPS23882 Type-3 2-pair 8-channel PoE PSE controller with SRAM and 200 mΩ Rsense |

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Type-3 2-pair 8-channel PoE PSE controller with SRAM and 200 mΩ Rsense


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For 4-pair, Type 4 operation, see the TPS23881


The TPS23882 is an 8-channel power sourcing equipment (PSE) controller engineered to insert power onto Ethernet cables in accordance with the IEEE 802.3bt standard.  The PSE controller can detect powered devices (PDs) that have a valid signature, determine the power requirements of the devices according to their classification, and apply power.

The TPS23882 improves on the TPS2388 with reduced current sense resistors, selectable Autonomous operation, SRAM programmability, programmable power limiting, capacitance measurement, and compatibility with TI’s FirmPSE system firmware (see Device Comparison Table).

Dedicated per port ADCs provide continuous port current monitoring and the ability to perform parallel classification measurements for faster port turn on times. A 1.25-A port current limit and adjustable power limiting allows for the support of non-standard applications above 60-W sourced. The 200-mΩ current sense resistor and external FET architecture allow designs to balance size, efficiency, thermal and solution cost requirements. 

Port remapping and pin-to-pin compatibility with the TPS2388, TPS23880, and TPS23881 devices eases migration from previous generation PSE designs and enables interchangeable 2-layer PCB designs to accommodate different system PoE power configurations.


  • IEEE 802.3bt PSE solution for Type-3 2-Pair Power Over Ethernet applications
  • Resistor selectable Autonomous operation
    • No external MCU required
  • Compatible with TI’s FirmPSE system firmware
  • SRAM Programmable memory
  • Programmable power limiting accuracy ±3%
  • 200-mΩ Current sense resistor
  • Legacy PD capacitance measurement
  • Selectable 2-pair port power allocations
    • 4 W, 7 W, 15.4 W, or 30 W
  • Dedicated 14-bit integrating current ADC per port
    • Noise immune MPS for DC disconnect
    • 2% Current sensing accuracy
  • 1- or 3-Bit fast port shutdown input
  • Auto-class discovery and power measurement
  • Never Fooled 4-Point detection
  • Inrush and operational foldback protection
  • 425-mA and 1.25-A Selectable current limits
  • Port re-mapping
  • 8-Bit or 16-bit I2C communication
  • Flexible processor controlled operating modes
    • Auto, semi auto and manual / diagnostic
  • Per Port voltage monitoring and telemetry
  • –40°C to +125°C Temperature operation

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Part number Order Vin (Min) (V) Vin (Max) (V) ILIM PoE standards supported FET MPS method Pair control Operating temperature range (C) Features Number of PSE ports Package Group Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
TPS23882 Order now 44     57     Programmable     802.3at Type 1 (802.3af)
802.3at Type 2
802.3bt Type 3    
External     DC Disconnect     2-Pair Alt A     -40 to 125     Auto Mode
Autonomous Mode
Current Limit with Foldback
Fast shutdown
Multi Level Port Priority
Over Current Reporting
Over Temp Reporting
Port remapping
Programmable PCUT
Programmable Port Power Limiting
SRAM Programmable    
8     QFN | 56     56QFN: 64 mm2: 8 x 8 (QFN | 56)