Stackable 2 Channel Multiphase or 2 Channel Independent Output Controller

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* Datasheet TPS40140 Dual or 2-Phase, Stackable Controller datasheet (Rev. I) Jan. 31, 2015
Application notes Multiphase Buck Design from Start to Finish, Part 1 (Rev. A) May 24, 2019
Selection guides Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) Jun. 25, 2018
Selection guides Analog for Xilinx (R) FPGAs Selection Guide - 2015 (Rev. B) Jan. 07, 2015
Technical articles Power Tips - DDR memory is everywhere! Mar. 01, 2014
Selection guides Power Management for Xilinx FPGAs Feb. 04, 2014
Technical articles Power Tips: When to choose multiphase Oct. 31, 2013
Technical articles Powering FPGAs made easy Jul. 30, 2013
Selection guides TI's Compact Power Solution for Avnet's Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA Board Mar. 14, 2012
Selection guides Power Management for Altera FPGAs (Rev. E) Feb. 22, 2012
Design files Power Distribution for Altera Stratix V Multiple FPGAs Aug. 02, 2011
User guides TPS40140EVM-003 A 32A Single Output Two Phase Stackable Sync Buck Converter (Rev. A) Jan. 21, 2010
Design files PMP5149 3 Oct. 01, 2009
Design files TPS40140RHH Bill of Materials Feb. 15, 2008
Design files TPS40140RHH Schematic Feb. 15, 2008
More literature TPS40140RHH Test Report Feb. 15, 2008
Application notes Spreadsheet modeling tool for AAJ Article SLYT273 Jun. 05, 2007
Application notes Spreadsheet modeling tool helps analyze power- and ground-plane voltage drops May 18, 2007
User guides Using the TPS40140EVM-002 (Rev. A) Jan. 05, 2007