Dual Output or Multiphase Synchronous Buck Controller with PMBus

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* Datasheet TPS40422 Dual-Output or Two-Phase Synchronous Buck Controller with PMBus™ Interface datasheet (Rev. F) Jan. 12, 2017
Application notes Multiphase Buck Design from Start to Finish, Part 1 (Rev. A) May 24, 2019
Selection guides Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) Jun. 25, 2018
Application notes SMT Guidelines for Stacked Inductor (Inductor On Top) on Voltage Regulator IC Feb. 22, 2016
Selection guides PMBus Power Solution Guide (Rev. C) Nov. 04, 2015
Technical articles Select the correct PMBus POL solution for your application Aug. 03, 2015
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Technical articles Nailing accurate and lossless current sensing in high-current converters Nov. 16, 2013
Technical articles Power Tips: When to choose multiphase Oct. 31, 2013
Software Compensation Calculator Tool (Rev. D) Dec. 09, 2012
Selection guides Power Management for Altera FPGAs (Rev. E) Feb. 22, 2012
User guides TPS40422 Design Example Feb. 16, 2012
User guides Using the PWR091EVM Dual-Output DC/DC Analog With PMBus Interface Jan. 05, 2011