1.5V to 22V Input (4.5V to 25V Bias), 14A Synchronous Step-Down Converter with Eco-Mode™

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* Datasheet TPS5331x High-Efficiency, 8-A or 14-A, Synchronous Buck Converter with Eco-mode Control datasheet (Rev. E) Nov. 01, 2016
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Application notes Minimizing Switch Ringing on TPS53319 and TPS53318 Family of Devices (Rev. A) Nov. 13, 2018
Application notes Solve Point-of-Load Power Design Challenges: Single Board Computer Applications Aug. 24, 2018
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Application notes How to select input capacitors for a buck converter Apr. 26, 2016
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Application notes SMT Guidelines for Stacked Inductor (Inductor On Top) on Voltage Regulator IC Feb. 22, 2016
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Application notes TPS53319 DCAP Mode with Ripple Injection Modeling Design Consideration Oct. 23, 2014
User guides TPS53319EVM-136 User's Guide May 02, 2012