TPS60151 140mA, 5V Charge Pump in 2x2 QFN |


140mA, 5V Charge Pump in 2x2 QFN

140mA, 5V Charge Pump in 2x2 QFN - TPS60151


The TPS60151 is a switched capacitor voltage converter which produces a regulated, low noise, and low-ripple output voltage of 5 V from an unregulated input voltage. It maintains 5-V regulation even when VIN is greater than 5 V.

The 5-V output can supply a minimum of 140-mA current.

The TPS60151 has built-in current limit and output reverse current protection that are ideal for HDMI, USB OTG and other battery powered applications.

TPS60151 operates in skip mode when the load current falls below 8 mA under typical condition. In skip mode operation, quiescent current is reduced to 90 µA.

Only 3 external capacitors are needed to generate the output voltage, thereby saving PCB space.

Inrush current is limited by the soft-start function during power on and power transient states.

The TPS60151 operates over a free air temperature range of –40°C to 85°C. The device is available with a small 2-mm × 2-mm 6-pin SON package (QFN).


  • Input Voltage Range 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Fixed Output Voltage of 5 V
  • Maximum Output Current: 140 mA
  • 1.5-MHz Switching Frequency
  • Typical 90-µA Quiescent Current at No Load Condition (Skip Mode)
  • Output Reverse Current Protection
  • X2 Charge Pump
  • Hardware Enable and Disable Function
  • Built-in Soft Start
  • Built-in Undervoltage Lockout Protection
  • Thermal and Overcurrent Protection
  • 2-mm × 2-mm 6-Pin SON-Package with 0.8-mm Height

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5.5     5.5    
5     5    
5     5    
0.14     0.14    
1     1    
1500     1500    
1500     1500    
0.08     0.08    
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-40 to 85     -40 to 85    
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