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Adjustable, 1.5-A Switch, 96% Efficient Boost Converter with Down-Mode, QFN-10


Models (7)

Title Category Type Date
TPS61020 TINA-TI Transient Spice Model (Rev. A) TINA-TI Spice Model ZIP 14 Dec 2009
TPS61020 TINA-TI Transient Start-up Reference Design (Rev. A) TINA-TI Reference Design TSC 14 Dec 2009
TPS61020 TINA-TI Transient Steady State Reference Design (Rev. A) TINA-TI Reference Design TSC 14 Dec 2009
TPS61020 PSpice Transient Model PSpice Model ZIP 29 Apr 2009
TPS61020 PSpice Average Model PSpice Model ZIP 23 Apr 2009
TPS61020 TINA-TI Average Spice Model TINA-TI Spice Model TSM 25 Mar 2009
TPS61020 TINA-TI Average Reference Design TINA-TI Reference Design TSC 25 Mar 2009

Design kits & evaluation modules (1)

Name Part# Type
TPS61020 Evaluation Module TPS61020EVM-025 Evaluation Modules & Boards

Reference designs

MSP430FR2633 Microcontroller CapTIvate Electronic Lock and Keypad Reference Design

This reference design demonstrates an ultra-low-power capacitive touch panel solution based on a single MSP430™ microcontroller (MCU) with CapTIvate™ technology. The use of self and mutual capacitance technology enables multifunctional capacitive touch panels (buttons, and proximity (...)

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Software (1)

TPS6102xVM Gerber Files  (ZIP 92 KB )    08 Oct 2007