SLVSDE4A March 2017  – December 2017 TPS61253A


  1. Features
  2. Applications
  3. Description
  4. Revision History
  5. Device Comparison Table
  6. Pin Configuration and Functions
  7. Specifications
    1. 7.1Absolute Maximum Ratings
    2. 7.2ESD Ratings
    3. 7.3Recommended Operating Conditions
    4. 7.4Thermal Information
    5. 7.5Electrical Characteristics
    6. 7.6Timing Requirements
    7. 7.7Switching Characteristics
    8. 7.8Typical Characteristics
  8. Detailed Description
    1. 8.1Overview
    2. 8.2Functional Block Diagram
    3. 8.3Feature Description
      1. 8.3.1Startup
      2. 8.3.2Enable and Disable
      3. 8.3.3Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
      4. 8.3.4Current Limit Operation
      5. 8.3.5Load Disconnection
      6. 8.3.6Thermal Shutdown
    4. 8.4Device Functional Modes
      1. 8.4.1Auto PFM Mode
      2. 8.4.2Forced PWM Mode
      3. 8.4.3Ultrasonic Mode
      4. 8.4.4Mode Configuration
      5. 8.4.5Pass-Through Mode
  9. Application and Implementation
    1. 9.1Application Information
    2. 9.2Typical Application
      1. 9.2.1Design Requirements
      2. 9.2.2Detailed Design Procedure
        1. Design With WEBENCH® Tools
      3. 9.2.3Inductor Selection
      4. 9.2.4Output Capacitor
      5. 9.2.5Input Capacitor
      6. 9.2.6Checking Loop Stability
      7. 9.2.7Application Curves
    3. 9.3System Examples
  10. 10Power Supply Recommendations
  11. 11Layout
    1. 11.1Layout Guidelines
    2. 11.2Layout Example
    3. 11.3Thermal Considerations
  12. 12Device and Documentation Support
    1. 12.1Device Support
      1. 12.1.1Development Support
        1. Design With WEBENCH® Tools
      2. 12.1.2Third-Party Products Disclaimer
    2. 12.2Documentation Support
      1. 12.2.1Related Documentation
    3. 12.3Community Resources
    4. 12.4Trademarks
    5. 12.5Electrostatic Discharge Caution
    6. 12.6Glossary
  13. 13Mechanical, Packaging, and Orderable Information

Package Options

Mechanical Data (Package|Pins)
Orderable Information


  • Wide Input Voltage Range from 2.3 V to 5.5 V
  • Fixed Output Voltage: 4.5 / 4.7 / 5.0 / 5.2 V
  • Two FETs Integrated: 35-mΩ LS-FET,
    60-mΩ HS-FET
  • IOUT ≥ 1500mA continuously at VOUT = 5 V and
    VIN ≥ 3 V
  • 42-µA Quiescent Current from Input
  • 4-A Switching Valley Current Limit
  • 3.8-MHz Switching Frequency
  • Selectable Auto PFM, Forced PWM and Ultrasonic Mode
  • Support Pass-Through Mode
  • ±2% Output Voltage Accuracy
  • 600-µs Soft-Start Time
  • Hiccup-Mode Short Protection
  • Load Disconnection during Shutdown
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Total Solution Size < 25 mm2
  • Create a Custom Design Using the TPS61253A With the WEBENCH® Power Designer


  • Smart Phones
  • Portable Speaker
  • USB Charging Ports
  • NFC PA Supply
  • Li Battery to 5-V Power Conversion


The TPS6125xA device provides a power supply solution for battery-powered portable applications. With the input voltage ranging from 2.3 V to 5.5 V, the device supports the applications powered by the Li-Ion batteries with the extended voltage range. Different fixed output voltage versions are available of 4.5 V, 4.7 V, 5 V and 5.2 V. The TPS6125xA supports up to 1500-mA load current from a battery discharged as low as 3 V.

The TPS6125xA operates at typical 3.8-MHz switching frequency. The TPS6125xA could be flexibly configured at the Auto PFM mode, forced PWM mode or ultrasonic mode. The Auto PFM mode could benefit with the high efficiency at the light load. The forced PWM operation can make the switching frequency be constant crossing the whole load range. The ultrasonic mode keeps the switching frequency always larger than 25 kHz at any load condition to avoid the acoustic noise.

TPS6125xA has a built-in 600-µs soft start to avoid the inrush current at startup. When the output is shorted, the device enters into the hiccup mode and recovers automatically after the short releases. During the shutdown, the load is completely disconnected from the input end with maximum 1.3-uA current being consumed.

The TPS6125xA comes in a 9-ball 1.2-mm x 1.3-mm WCSP package and offers a very small solution size with the minimum amount of external components.

Device Information(1)

TPS6125xADSBGA (9)1.2 mm x 1.3 mm
  1. For all available packages, see the orderable addendum at the end of the data sheet.

Typical Schematic

TPS61253A Sch.gif