High Resolution, Fully Programmable LCD Bias IC for TV

High Resolution, Fully Programmable LCD Bias IC for TV  - TPS65168

Recommended alternative parts

  • TPS65178  -  Adds 6ch gamma buffer
  • TPS65175  -  Adds 6ch gamma buffer, 12ch level shifter
  • TPS65175B  -  Adds 6ch gamma buffer, 12ch level shifter , VCOM_DAC Output for External Operational Amplifier Reference


The TPS65168 provides a simple and economic power supply solution for a wide variety of LCD bias applications. The device provides all supply rails needed by a TFT-LCD panel. VI/O, VCORE and RST for the T-Con. VDD and HVDD for the Source Driver and the Gamma Buffer. VGH and VGL for the Gate Driver or the Level Shifter. The VGH voltage can be compensated for low and high adjustable temperatures, if GIP technology is used. The transition from one programmed VGH value to another is made using an external thermistor connected to the IC. All output rails and delay times are programmable by a Two-Wire interface: a single BOM can cover several panel types and sizes whose desired output levels can be programmed in production and stored in a non-volatile memory embedded into the TPS65168. Both VCORE and HVDD are generated by synchronous buck converters which support chip inductors for an optimized solution size.


  • 8.6 to 14.7V Input Voltage Range
  • 6-Bit Boost Converter VDD
  • Programmable Integrated Input-to-Output Isolation Switch
  • Programmable Buck Converter HVDD
  • Programmable Buck Converter VI/O
  • Programmable Buck Converter VCORE
  • Positive charge Pump Controller VGH
  • Temperature Compensation for VGH
  • Negative Charge Pump Controller VGL
  • Reset Signal With Programmable Reset Pulse Duration
  • Programmable Sequencing
  • Thermal Shutdown
    • LCD TVs
    • LCD monitors

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IC Integration
Vin (Min) (V)
Vin (Max) (V)
Source Driver Voltage (Min) (V)
Source Driver Voltage (Max) (V)
Level Shifter/Scan Driver (Ch)
Special Function
TPS65168 TPS65176 TPS65177A TPS65178
LCD Unipolar    LCD Unipolar    LCD Unipolar    LCD Unipolar   
LCD Bias    LCD Bias    LCD Bias    Gamma Buffer
LCD Bias   
8.6    9.5    8.6    8.6   
14.7    14    14.7    14.7   
40WQFN    28VQFN    40VQFN    48VQFN   
12.8    13.7    13.5    12.8   
19    18.5    19.8    19   
N/A    N/A    N/A    N/A   
Reset Generator
Reset Generator    GPM/GVS
Temperature Sensor/Compensation
Gamma Buffer
Reset Generator
Temperature Sensor/Compensation