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LNB voltage regulator with I2C interface



Designed for analog and digital satellite receivers, the TPS65235 is a monolithic voltage regulator with I2C interface; specifically to provide the 13-V to 18-V power supply and the 22-kHz tone signal to the LNB down converter in the antenna dish or to the multi-switch box. It offers a complete solution with minimum component count, low power dissipation together with simple design and I2C standard interface.

TPS65235 features high power efficiency. The boost converter integrates a 140-mΩ power MOSFET running at 1 MHz or 500 kHz selectable switching frequency. Drop out voltage at the linear regulator is 0.8 V to minimize power loss. TPS65235 provides multiple ways to generate the 22 kHz signal. Integrated linear regulator with push-pull output stage generates 22-kHz tone signal superimposed at the output even at zero loading. Current limit of linear regulator can be programmed by external resistor with ±10% accuracy. Full range of diagnostic read by I2C is available for system monitoring.

TPS65235 supports advanced DiSEqC 2.x standard with 22-kHz tone detection circuit and output interface.


  • Complete Integrate Solution for LNB and I2C Interface
  • DiSEqC 2.x, and DiSEqC 1.x Compatible
  • Supports 5-V, 12-V and 15-V Power Rail
  • Up to 1000 mA Accurate Output Current Limit Adjustable by External Resistor
  • Boost Switch Peak Current Limit Proportional to LDO Current Limit
  • Boost Converter with 140-mΩ Low Rds(on) Internal Power Switch
  • Boost Switching Frequency 1-MHz or 500-kHz Selectable
  • Dedicated Enable Pin for Non-I2C Application
  • Low Drop Output LDO With Push-pull Output Stage for VLNB Output
  • Built-in Accurate 22-kHz Tone Generator and External Tone Input Support
  • Supports Both External 44-kHz and 22-kHz Tone Input
  • Adjustable Soft-start and 13-V to 18-V Voltage Transition Time
  • 650 mV to 750-mV, 22-kHz Tone Amplitude Selection
  • I2C Registers Accessible with EN Low
  • Short Circuit Dynamic Protection
  • Diagnostics for Output Voltage Level, DiSEqC Tone Input and Output, Current Level, and Cable Connection
  • Thermal Protection Available
  • 20-Lead WQFN 3-mm x 3-mm (RUK) Package

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TPS65235 Order now 4.5     20     11     20     3     1     500     1000     0.12     Adjustable Current Limit
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78     -40 to 85     Converter     Catalog     WQFN | 20    
TPS65235-1 Order now 4.5     20     11     20     3     1     500     1000     0.12     Adjustable Current Limit
Power Good    
78     -40 to 85     Converter     Catalog     WQFN | 20