Ultra-Low Power Management IC (PMIC) - TPS65290


Ultra-Low Power Management IC (PMIC)



The TPS65290 device is a power-managemant integrated circuit (PMIC) designed to operate in applications dependent on efficient power management over a wide range of system load conditions ranging from fractions of a microamp to a few hundred milliamps. The device operates over a wide 2.2-V to 5-V input-voltage range and incorporates a very low-quiescent-current always-on power supply, a 500-mA buck-and-boost converter, a 150-mA low-dropout regulator (LDO) and eight power-distribution switches. The always-on supply features three different factory selectable options: 30-mA buck converter with 300-nA quiescent current, 10-mA LDO with 400-nA quiescent current, and 10-mA zero IDDQ drop with 100-nA quiescent current. The buck-boost converter employs PFM or PWM operation with forced PWM option, for maximum overall efficiency. A designer can use the switches to support different configurations for the various loads supported by the TPS65290 device. For energy-harvesting applications, the device integrates a programmable input-voltage monitor to allow for connection and disconnection of the different power blocks and switches without the intervention of the master processor.

To maximize control flexibility, the TPS65290 device includes a factory-selectable choice between SPI and I2C interfaces. To minimize PC board footprint and reduce bill of materials (BOM) components and cost, the PMIC internally includes resistive dividers (boost-buck, LDO, VIN monitor), I2C pullup resistors, SPI pulldown resistors, boost-buck compensation, and an interrupt pullup resistor. Completion of a comprehensive multi-rail solution for efficient flow meter, handheld industrial, fitness, and other long-term data-acquisition systems requires only low-cost ceramic capacitors and power inductors.


  • Operating Input Voltage Range: 2.2 V to 5 V
  • 500-mA Buck-Boost Converter, Stand-Alone Operation or Serial-Bus Controlled
  • PFM/PWM Operation With Forced PWM Option
  • 150-mA LDO
  • Stand-Alone or Serial-Bus (SPI or I2C) Controlled
  • Two Power Distribution Switches Powered From Buck-Boost Output
  • One Power Distribution Switch Powered From the Maximum of Buck Boost or Battery Input
  • Two Power Distribution Switches Powered From LDO Output
  • One Power Switch Powered From Battery Input
  • One Power Switch to Connect BB Output to LDO Output and Improve System Efficiency
  • Automaticly Maximize System Energy Management With the internal MAX block
  • Low-Power Always-On Bias Supply for Microcontroller Sleep Mode With Three Factory-Selectable Options:
    • 10-mA, 100-nA IDDQ Deep-Sleep Zero-Leakage-Current Bias Controller With Preset Voltage
    • 10-mA, 400-nA IDDQ LDOMINI
    • 30-mA, 300-nA IDQQ BuckMINI
  • Input Voltage Recovery Comparator With Selectable Threshold
  • Factory Selectable SPI or I2C Interface
  • –40°C to 85°C Ambient Temperature Range
  • 24-Pin RHF (VQFN) Package

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