TPS65951 Integrated Power Management IC (PMIC) Audio Codec Silicon |

TPS65951 (NRND)

Integrated Power Management IC (PMIC) Audio Codec Silicon



The TPS65951 device is a power-management IC for mobile cellular handsets powered by a Li-ion, Li-ion polymer, or cobalt-nickel-manganese cell battery. The device can be connected to an application processor and/or a modem. This optimized power-management IC is designed to support the specific power requirements of the OMAP processor devices. The TPS65951 contains several buck converters, low dropout (LDO) regulators, a battery charger interface, and a host of other features and functions. The audio portion of the TPS65951 is an entire audio module with audio codecs, digital filters, input preamplifiers and amplifiers, and class-D output amplifiers.

This TPS65951 Data Manual presents the electrical and mechanical specifications for the TPS65951 device.


  • Power:
    • Three Efficient Step-down Converters
    • 10 External Linear LDOs for Clocks and Peripherals
    • SmartReflex Dynamic Voltage Management
  • Audio:
    • Voice Codec
    • 15-Bit Linear Codec (8 and 16 kHz)
    • Differential Input Main and Submicrophones
    • Differential Headset Microphone Input
    • Auxiliary/FM Input (Mono or Stereo)
    • Differential 32-Ω Speaker and 16-Ω Headset Drivers (External Predrivers for Class D)
    • 8-Ω Stereo Class-D Drivers
    • Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) and TDM Interfaces
    • Interface
    • Automatic Level Control (ALC)
    • Digital and Analog Mixing
    • 16-Bit Linear Audio Stereo DAC (96, 48, 44.1, and 32 kHz, and Derivatives)
    • 16-Bit Linear Audio Stereo ADC (48, 44.1, and 32 kHz, and Derivatives)
    • Carkit
  • Charger:
    • Li-ion, Li-on Polymer, and Cobalt-Nickel-Manganese Charger
    • Backup Battery Charger
  • USB:
    • USB 2.0 OTG-Compliant HS Transceivers
    • 12-Bit ULPI
    • USB Power Supply (5-V CP for VBUS)
    • CEA-2011: OTG Transceiver Interface Specification
    • CEA-936A: Mini-USB Analog Carkit Interface Specification
  • Additional Features:
    • LED Driver Circuit for Two External LEDs
    • RTC and Retention Modules
    • HS Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Serial Control
    • Thermal Shutdown and Hot-Die Detection
    • External Vibrator (Vibrator) Control
    • 19 GPIO Devices
    • 0.8-mm Pitch, 169-Pin, 12-mm × 12-mm Package

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