TPS788 Low Noise, Low Iq, 150-mA Low Dropout Linear Regulator with Adjustable Soft-Start |

TPS788 (ACTIVE) Low Noise, Low Iq, 150-mA Low Dropout Linear Regulator with Adjustable Soft-Start



The TPS78825 and TPS78833 are very small (SOT-23) package, low-noise LDOs that regulate the output voltage to 2.5 V and 3.3 V with input voltage ranging from 2.7 V to an absolute maximum of 13.5 V. These devices output 150 mA with a peak current of 350 mA (typ). The TPS788xx family uses the SR pin to program the output voltage slew rate to control the in-rush current. This is specifically used in the USB application where large load capacitance is present at start-up. The TPS788xx devices use only 17 uA of quiescent current and exhibit only 56 uV RMS of output voltage noise using a 10 uF output capacitor.

The usual PNP pass transistor has been replaced by a PMOS pass element. Because the PMOS pass element behaves as a low-value resistor, the dropout voltage is very low, typically 150 mV at 150 mA of load current, and is directly proportional to the load current.

The TPS788xx also features a logic-enabled sleep mode to shut down the regulator, reducing quiescent current to 1 uA typical at TJ = 25°C.


  • 150-mA Low-Dropout Regulator
  • Available in 2.5 V, 3.3 V
  • Programmable Slew Rate Control
  • Output Noise Typically 56 uV RMS
  • Only 17 uA Quiescent Current at 150 mA
  • 1 uA Quiescent Current in Standby Mode
  • Dropout Voltage Typically 150 mV at 150 mA (TPS78833)
  • Over Current Limitation
  • -40°C to 125°C Operating Junction Temperature Range
  • 5-Pin SOT-23 (DBV) Package


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Part number Order Output options Iout (Max) (A) Vin (Max) (V) Vin (Min) (V) Vout (Max) (V) Vout (Min) (V) Fixed output options (V) Package Group Features Regulated outputs (#) Operating temperature range (C) Thermal resistance θJA (°C/W) Noise (uVrms) Approx. price (US$) Rating Output capacitor type PSRR @ 100 KHz (dB) Accuracy (%) Vdo (Typ) (mV) Iq (Typ) (mA) Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
TPS788 Order now Fixed Output     0.15     10     2.7     3.3     2.5     2.5
SOT-23 | 5     Enable
Soft Start    
1     0 to 70     180     56     0.43 | 1ku     Catalog     Non-Ceramic     25     3     150     0.017     5SOT-23: 5 mm2: 1.6 x 2.9 (SOT-23 | 5)