TPS7A4101 50V Input, 50mA, Single Output Low-Dropout Linear Regulator |


50V Input, 50mA, Single Output Low-Dropout Linear Regulator

50V Input, 50mA, Single Output Low-Dropout Linear Regulator - TPS7A4101

Recommended alternative parts

  • TPS7A19  -  TPS7A19 is a wide input voltage LDO with a higher current rating.


The TPS7A41 device is a very high voltage-tolerant linear regulator that offers the benefits of a thermally-enhanced package (MSOP-8), and is able to withstand continuous DC or transient input voltages of up to 50 V.

The TPS7A41 is stable with any output capacitance greater than 4.7 µF and any input capacitance greater than 1 µF (over temperature and tolerance). Thus, implementations of this device require minimal board space because of its miniaturized packaging (MSOP-8) and a potentially small output capacitor. In addition, the TPS7A41 offers an enable pin (EN) compatible with standard CMOS logic, to enable a low-current shutdown mode.

The TPS7A41 has an internal thermal shutdown and current limiting to protect the system during fault conditions. The MSOP-8 packages has an operating temperature range of TJ = –40°C to 125°C.

In addition, the TPS7A41 is ideal for generating a low-voltage supply from intermediate voltage rails in telecom and industrial applications; not only can it supply a well-regulated voltage rail, but it can also withstand and maintain regulation during very high and fast voltage transients. These features translate to simpler and more cost-effective electrical surge-protection circuitry for a wide range of applications.


  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 7 V to 50 V
  • Accuracy:
    • Nominal: 1%
    • Over Line, Load, and Temperature: 2.5%
  • Low Quiescent Current: 25 µA
  • Quiescent Current at Shutdown: 4.1 µA
  • Maximum Output Current: 50 mA
  • CMOS Logic-Level-Compatible Enable Pin
  • Adjustable Output Voltage: about 1.175 V to 48 V
  • Stable with Ceramic Capacitors:
    • Input Capacitance: ≥ 1 µF
    • Output Capacitance: ≥ 4.7 µF
  • Dropout Voltage: 290 mV
  • Built-In Current Limit and Thermal Shutdown
  • Package: High Thermal Performance MSOP-8
  • Operating Temperature Range: –40°C to 125°C

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Iout (Max) (A)
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Vin (Max) (V)
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Adjustable Output     Adjustable Output     Adjustable Output    
7     3     4     7     7    
50     60     40     100     28    
1.2     1.2     1.5     1.2     1.2    
48     18.5     18     90     26    
0.02     0.005     0.015     0.02     0.02    
290     60     240     290     290    
2.5     2     2     2.5     2.5    
58     215       58     58    
38     26     45     38     38    
Ceramic     Ceramic     Ceramic     Ceramic     Ceramic    
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-40 to 125     -40 to 125     -40 to 125     -40 to 125     -40 to 125    
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8SON     8MSOP-PowerPAD     8MSOP-PowerPAD    
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  Min   Max Range
Vin  V 7.0 to 50.0V
Vout  V 1.173 to 48V
Iout  A ≤ 0.05A
Ambient Temp  °C -40 to 125°C

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