TPS7A49 Vin 3V to 36V, 150mA, Ultra-Low-Noise, High-PSRR Low-Dropout (LDO) Linear Regulator |


Vin 3V to 36V, 150mA, Ultra-Low-Noise, High-PSRR Low-Dropout (LDO) Linear Regulator

Vin 3V to 36V, 150mA, Ultra-Low-Noise, High-PSRR Low-Dropout (LDO) Linear Regulator - TPS7A49

Recommended alternative parts

  • TPS7A88  -  TPS7A88 is a dual-channel, low noise, 1-A LDO
  • TPS7A91  -  TPS7A91 is a single-channel, low-noise, 1-A LDO


The TPS7A49 series of devices are positive, high-voltage (36 V), ultralow-noise (15.4 µVRMS, 72-dB PSRR) linear regulators that can source a 150-mA load.

These linear regulators include a CMOS logic-level-compatible enable pin and capacitor-programmable soft-start function that allows for customized power-management schemes. Other available features include built-in current limit and thermal shutdown protection to safeguard the device and system during fault conditions.

The TPS7A49 family is designed using bipolar technology, and is ideal for high-accuracy, high-precision instrumentation applications where clean voltage rails are critical to maximize system performance. This design makes the device an excellent choice to power operational amplifiers, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and other high-performance analog circuitry.

In addition, the TPS7A49 family of linear regulators is suitable for post dc-dc converter regulation. By filtering out the output voltage ripple inherent to dc-dc switching conversion, maximum system performance is provided in sensitive instrumentation, test and measurement, audio, and RF applications.

For applications where positive and negative high-performance rails are required, consider TI’s TPS7A30xx family of negative high-voltage, ultralow-noise linear regulators as well.


  • Input Voltage Range: 3 V to 36 V
  • Noise:
    • 12.7 µVRMS (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
    • 15.4 µVRMS (10 Hz to 100 kHz)
  • Power-Supply Ripple Rejection:
    • 72 dB (120 Hz)
    • ≥ 52 dB (10 Hz to 400 kHz)
  • Adjustable Output: 1.194 V to 33 V
  • Output Current: 150 mA
  • Dropout Voltage: 260 mV at 100 mA
  • Stable with Ceramic Capacitors ≥ 2.2 µF
  • CMOS Logic-Level-Compatible Enable Pin
  • Fixed Current-Limit and Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • Packages: 8-Pin HVSSOP PowerPAD™ and
    3-mm × 3-mm VSON
  • Operating Temperature Range:
    –40°C to 125°C

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Iout (Max) (A)
Output Options
Vin (Min) (V)
Vin (Max) (V)
Vout (Min) (V)
Vout (Max) (V)
Iq (Typ) (mA)
Vdo (Typ) (mV)
Accuracy (%)
Noise (uVrms)
PSRR @ 100KHz (dB)
Output Capacitor Type
Operating Temperature Range (C)
0.15     0.2     1     1    
Adjustable Output     Adjustable Output
Negative Output    
Adjustable Output
Negative Output    
Adjustable Output
Programmable Output    
3     -36     -36     3    
36     -3     -3     36    
1.2     -33     -33     1.4    
33     -1.2     -1.2     34    
0.06     0.05     0.21     0.58    
260     216     290     307    
2.5     2.5     2.5     2.5    
15     15     16     4    
54     55     64     60    
Ceramic     Ceramic     Ceramic     Ceramic    
Catalog     Catalog     Catalog     Catalog    
-40 to 125     -40 to 125     -40 to 125     -40 to 125    
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WEBENCH® Designer TPS7A49

  Min   Max Range
Vin  V 3.0 to 36.0V
Product Option
Vout  V
Iout  A ≤ 0.15A
Ambient Temp  °C -40.0 to 125.0°C