Automotive 300-mA 40-V voltage-tracking LDO with 4-mV tracking tolerance

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* Datasheet TPS7B4253-Q1 300-mA 40-V Low-Dropout Voltage-Tracking LDO With 4-mV Tracking Tolerance datasheet (Rev. C) Jul. 22, 2016
Application notes TPS7B4253-Q1 Functional Safety FIT Rate and Failure Mode Distribution Dec. 17, 2019
Technical articles Design a pre-tracking regulator, part 2: for a negative LDO Apr. 26, 2019
Technical articles How to make a simple nonmagnetic AC/DC power supply Mar. 17, 2019
Application notes Automotive Off-Board Sensor Power Considerations Sep. 20, 2018
Technical articles How LILO LDOs increase system efficiency Aug. 20, 2018
Technical articles LDO basics: capacitor vs. capacitance Aug. 01, 2018
More literature Fundamentals of designing with LDOs in auto battery direct connect applications Feb. 27, 2017
Application notes Using Tracking LDOs as High-Side Switch (for Low-Current Applications) Oct. 28, 2016
User guides LDO Parallel Design Evaluation Module User's Guide Sep. 14, 2016
Application notes Various Applications for Voltage-Tracking LDO Aug. 03, 2016
Application notes TPS7B4253-Q1 Pin FMEA Dec. 21, 2015
User guides TPS7B4253-Q1 Evaluation Module Dec. 11, 2014