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Constant-On Time Driver Controller with Cascoded MOSFET for LED Lighting


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Reference designs

25W, 100-264VAC Input, 0-10V Dimmable LED Driver for Downlights, Troffers and Modules

This is an isolated, 25W, 0-10V dimmable LED driver design with >0.9 power factor (PF) which meets or exceeds commercial lighting PF and total harmonic distortion (THD) requirements.  It is well suited for integral LED luminaires, or ballasts, that use high-brightness LED emitters.  (...)

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Description Part Number Company Tool Type
10 Series Driver (700mA@35) for External LED Drivers PMP6305 Texas Instruments Reference designs
4 series Driver (350mA@15) for Down Lighter PMP3662 Texas Instruments Reference designs
40V 450mA Non-dimmable T8 LED Driver using TPS92210 PMP6306 Texas Instruments Reference designs
6 Series Driver (350mA@20) for E26/E27 LED Light Bulbs PMP6303 Texas Instruments Reference designs
6 Series Driver for T8 Tube (720mA @ 21) PMP3672 Texas Instruments Reference designs
9 Series Driver (350mA@30) for PAR30/PAR38 LED Light Bulbs PMP6304 Texas Instruments Reference designs
High efficiency 10W Buck LED lighting solution for A-lamp PMP4354 Texas Instruments Reference designs
LED driver with dimming 140V…170V@0.35A PMP5652 Texas Instruments Reference designs
Non-Dimmable LED Lighting Driver Controller (38V@350mA) PMP6001 Texas Instruments Reference designs
PFC Boost with Transition Mode Buck 312V@80mA PMP5682 Texas Instruments Reference designs
Series Driver (350mA@20) for PAR30/PAR38 Light Bulb Replacement PMP4304 Texas Instruments Reference designs
TRIAC Dimmable 120V LED Lighting Driver Controller (32V@350mA) PMP6002 Texas Instruments Reference designs
TRIAC Dimmable 230V LED Lighting Driver Controller (32V@350mA) PMP6003 Texas Instruments Reference designs

Software (1)

TPS92210 Design Calculator  (ZIP 131 KB )    09 Feb 2011  

Development tools (1)

Name Part# Type
TPS92210 Design Calculator TPS92210_DESIGN_CALC Calculation Tools

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