TPS92692 (ACTIVE) High Accuracy LED Controller With Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation and Internal PWM Generator


Models (2)

Title Category Type Date
Thermal Foldback TINA-TI Spice Reference Design TINA-TI Reference Design ZIP 21 Mar 2019
TPS92692-Q1 Boost and Buck Boost PSpice Transient Model (Rev. A) PSpice Model ZIP 05 Sep 2017

Design kits & evaluation modules (1)

Name Part# Type
TPS92692-Q1 Boost and Boost-to-Battery LED Driver Evaluation Module TPS92692EVM-880 Evaluation Modules & Boards

Software (2)

TPS92692-Q1 Boost Design Calculator  (ZIP 259 KB )    14 Mar 2017  
TPS92692-Q1 Buck-Boost Design Calculator  (ZIP 123 KB )    14 Mar 2017