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TSC2301 (ACTIVE) 4-Wire Touch Screen Controller, St. CODEC with HP Amplifier (Keypad Int. + 6 GPIOs)



The TSC2301 is a highly integrated PDA analog interface circuit. It contains a complete 12-bit A/D resistive touch screen converter (ADC) including drivers, touch pressure measurement capability, keypad controller, and 8-bit D/A converter (DAC) output for LCD contrast control. The TSC2301 offers programmable resolution of 8, 10, and 12 bits and sampling rates up to 125 kHz to accommodate different screen sizes. The TSC2301 interfaces to the host controller through a standard SPI serial interface.

The TSC2301 features a high-performance 20-bit, 48-ksps stereo audio codec with highly integrated analog functionality. The audio portion of the TSC2301 contains microphone input with built-in pre-amp and microphone bias circuit, an auxiliary stereo analog input, a stereo line-level output, a differential mono line-level output, and a stereo headphone amplifier output. The digital audio data is transferred through a standard I2S interface. A fully programmable PLL for generating audio clocks from a wide variety of system clocks is also included.

The TSC2301 also offers two battery measurement inputs capable of battery voltages up to 6 V, while operating at a supply voltage of only 2.7 V. It also has an on-chip temperature sensor capable of reading 0.3°C resolution. The TSC2301 is available in 64-lead TQFP, and 120-ball VFBGA packages.


  • SPI™ Serial Interface
  • Touch Screen Controller
    • 4-Wire Touch Screen Interface
    • Internal Detection of Screen Touch and Keypad Press
    • Touch Pressure Measurement
    • Ratiometric Conversion
    • Programmable 8-, 10- or 12-Bit Resolution
    • Programmable Sampling Rates Up to 125 kHz
    • Direct Battery Measurement (0 to 6 V)
    • On-Chip Temperature Measurement
    • 4-by-4 Keypad Interface With Programmable De-Bounce and Key Masking
    • Integrated Touch Screen Processor Reduces Host CPU Interrupts and Overhead
    • Internal Timing Control With Programmable Delays and Averaging
  • Stereo Audio Codec
    • 20-Bit Delta-Sigma ADC/DAC
    • Dynamic Range: 98 dB
    • Sampling Rate Up to 48 kHz
    • I2S Serial Interface
    • Stereo 16- Headphone Driver
  • Full Power-Down Control
  • 8-Bit Current Output DAC
  • On-Chip Crystal Oscillator
  • Programmable Bass/Midrange/ Treble EQ Effects Processing
  • 6 GPIO Pins
  • Single 2.7-V to 3.6-V Supply
  • 64-Pin TQFP Package
  • 120-Ball MicroStar Junior BGA Package
    • Personal Digital Assistants
    • Cellular Phones
    • MP3 Players
    • Internet Appliances
    • Smartphones

US Patent No. 6246394
MicroStar Junior is a trademark of Texas Instruments.
SPI is a trademark of Motorola.