UART/I2C/IrDA Serial Port to USB Bridge

UART/I2C/IrDA Serial Port to USB Bridge - TUSB3410

Design kits & evaluation modules (8)

Name Part# Type
6 Gbps AC Coupled to TMDS™/HDMI™ Redriver Evaluation Module TDP158RSBEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
DP149 3.4 Gbps DP++ to HDMI Retimer Evaluation Module DP149RSBEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
DP159RGZEVM Evaluation Module DP159RGZEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
DP159RSBEVM Evaluation Module DP159RSBEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
TMDS171RGZ 3.4 Gbps TMDS Retimer Evaluation Module TMDS171RGZEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
TMDS181RGZ 6 Gbps TMDS Retimer Evaluation Module TMDS181RGZEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards
TUSB3410UARTPDK Evaluation Module TUSB3410UARTPDK Evaluation Modules & Boards
USB Type-C™ Minidock Board With Video and Charging Support Evaluation Module USB-CTM-MINIDK-EVM Evaluation Modules & Boards

Reference designs

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TI Designs

HDMI 2.0 ESD Protection Reference Design

This reference design is to show two distinct ways to protect the TMDS lines of a HDMI 2.0 drivers and retimers from electrostatic discharge (ESD). The HDMI standard is used in many applications from set-topboxes to notebooks to TV's. Since these ports are almost always external they are susceptible (...)

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Software (3)

TUSB3x10 EEPROM Burner (Rev. B)  (ZIP 1510 KB )    388 views, 29 Oct 2015  
TI WDF USBUART Single Driver (Rev. A)  (ZIP 3628 KB )    4,321 views, 03 Apr 2013  
TUSB3410 Bootcode Source Listing  (ZIP 26 KB )    173 views, 14 Feb 2003  

Development tools (1)

Name Part# Type
SPICE-Based Analog Simulation Program TINA-TI Circuit Design & Simulation