TUSB4020BI (ACTIVE) Two-Port High-Speed 480Mbps USB 2.0 Hub

Two-Port High-Speed 480Mbps USB 2.0 Hub - TUSB4020BI

Design kits & evaluation modules (1)

Name Part# Type
TUSB4020BPHPEVM Evaluation Module TUSB4020BPHPEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards

Reference designs

Two-Port Automotive USB 2.0 Hub With Short-to-Battery Protection Reference Design

TIDA-00845 is a dual-port USB 2.0 hub with the ability to withstand a short of up to 18-V DC on both downstream ports, as well as Level 4 IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection, overcurrent conditions, and shorts to ground. This protection is provided by an integrated protection device - the TPD3S714-Q1 (...)

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Development tools (1)

Name Part# Type
SPICE-based analog simulation program TINA-TI Circuit Design & Simulation