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Space-Rated Brushless DC Motor Controller



The UC1625 motor controller integrates most of the functions required for high-performance brushless dc motor control into one package. When coupled with external power MOSFETs or Darlingtons, this device performs fixed-frequency PWM motor control in either voltage or current mode while implementing closed loop speed control and braking with smart noise rejection, safe direction reversal, and cross-conduction protection.

Although specified for operation from power supplies between 10 V and 18 V, the UC1625 can control higher voltage power devices with external level-shifting components. The UC1625 contains fast, high-current push-pull drivers for low-side power devices and 50-V open-collector outputs for high-side power devices or level shifting circuitry.

The UC1625 is characterized for operation over the military temperature range of –55°C to 125°C.


  • QML-V Qualified, SMD 5962-91689
  • Rad-Tolerant: 40 kRad (Si) TID(1)
  • Drives Power MOSFETs or Power Darlingtons Directly
  • 50-V Open Collector High-Side Drivers
  • Latched Soft Start
  • High-speed Current-Sense Amplifier with Ideal Diode
  • Pulse-by-Pulse and Average Current Sensing
  • Over-Voltage and Under-Voltage Protection
  • Direction Latch for Safe Direction Reversal
  • Tachometer
  • Trimmed Reference Sources 30 mA
  • Programmable Cross-Conduction Protection
  • Two-Quadrant and Four-Quadrant Operation

(1) Radiation tolerance is a typical value based upon initial device qualification with dose rate = 10 mrad/sec. Radiation Lot Acceptance Testing is available - contact factory for detials.

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