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UC1834-DIE (ACTIVE) High Efficiency Linear Regulator



The UC1834-DIE integrated circuit is optimized for the design of low input-output differential linear regulator. A high-gain amplifier and sink or source drive outputs facilitate high-output current designs, which use an external pass device. With both positive and negative precision references, either polarity of regulator can be implemented. A current sense amplifier with a low, adjustable threshold can be used to sense and limit currents in either the positive or negative supply lines.

In addition, the UC1834-DIE has a fault monitoring circuit which senses both undervoltage and overvoltage fault conditions. After a user defined delay for transient rejection, this circuitry provides a fault alert output for either fault condition. In the overvoltage case, a crowbar output is activated. An overvoltage latch maintains the crowbar output and can be used to shutdown the driver outputs. System control to the device can be accommodated at a single input, which will act as both a supply reset and remote shutdown terminal. These die are protected against excessive power dissipation by an internal thermal shutdown function.


  • Equally Usable for Either Positive or Negative Regulator Design
  • Adjustable Low Threshold Current Sense Amplifier
  • Undervoltage and Overvoltage Fault Alert With Programmable Delay