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Current Mode PWM Controller



The UC1843-DIE provides the necessary features to implement off-line or dc-to-dc fixed frequency current mode control schemes with a minimal external parts count. Internally implemented circuits include under-voltage lockout featuring start up current, logic to insure latched operation, a PWM comparator which also provides current limit control, and a totem pole output stage designed to source or sink high peak current. The output stage, suitable for driving N-Channel MOSFETs, is low in the off state.


  • Optimized For Off-line and DC-to-DC Converters
  • Low Start-Up Current
  • Automatic Feed Forward Compensation
  • Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limiting
  • Enhanced Load Response Characteristics
  • Under-Voltage Lockout With Hysteresis
  • Double Pulse Suppression
  • High Current Totem Pole Output
  • Low RO Error Amp

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Other qualified versions of UC1843-DIE

Version Part Number Definition
Space UC1843-SP Radiation tolerant, ceramic packaging and qualified for use in Space-based application