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Half-Bridge Bipolar Switch

Half-Bridge Bipolar Switch - UC2950


This device is a monolithic integrated circuit designed to provide high-current switching with low saturation voltages when activated by low-level logic signals. Source and sink switches may be independently activated without regard to timing as a built-in interlock will keep the sink off if the source is on.

This driver has the high current capability to drive large capacitive loads with fast rise and fall times; but with high-speed internal flyback diodes, it is also ideal for inductive loads. Two UC2950s can be used together to form a full bridge, bipolar motor driver compatible with high frequency chopper current control.


  • Source or Sink 4.0A
  • Supply Voltage to 35V
  • High-Current Output Diodes
  • Tri-State Operation
  • TTL and CMOS Input Compatibility
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • 300kHz Operation
  • Low-Cost TO-220 Package


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Part number Order Number of channels (#) Power switch Peak output current (A) Input VCC (Min) (V) Input VCC (Max) (V) Prop delay (ns) Input threshold Channel input logic Features Rating Operating temperature range (C) Package Group
UC2950 Order now 1     MOSFET
4     8     35     100     CMOS
Catalog     -20 to 100     TO-220 | 5