Secondary Side Synchronous Rectifier Controller - UCC24610


Secondary Side Synchronous Rectifier Controller


This GREEN Rectifier™ controller is a high-performance controller and driver for standard and logic-level N-channel MOSFET power devices used for low-voltage secondary-side synchronous rectification.

The combination of controller and MOSFET emulates a near-ideal diode rectifier. This solution not only directly reduces power dissipation of the rectifier but also indirectly reduces primary-side losses as well, due to compounding of efficiency gains.

Using drain-to-source voltage sensing, the UCC24610 is ideal for Flyback and LLC-Resonant power supplies but can also be used with other power architectures. The UCC24610 is optimized for output voltages from 4.5 V to 5.5 V, and is suitable for use with lower and higher output voltages as well.

The UCC24610 offers a programmable false-triggering filter, a programmable timer to automatically switch to Light-Load Mode at light load, and a SYNC input for optional use in Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) systems. Protection features on TON and EN/TOFF pins prevent run-away on-time due to open-circuit or short-circuit fault conditions.

This device is available in an 8-pin SOIC package and an 8-pin, 3-mm x 3-mm QFN package with PowerPad™.


  • Secondary-Side Controller Optimized for 5-V Systems
  • Up to 600-kHz Operating Frequency
  • VDS MOSFET-Sensing
  • 1.6- Sink, 2.0- Source Gate-Drive Impedances
  • Micro-Power Sleep Current for 90+ Designs
  • Automatic Light-Load Management
  • Synchronous Wake-Up From Sleep and Light-Load Modes
  • Protection Features on Programming Inputs
  • SYNC Input for CCM Operation
  • 20-ns Typical Turn-Off Propagation Delay
  • Improved Efficiency and Design Flexibility Over Traditional Diode Solution
  • May Be Biased Directly From 5-V Output
  • Minimal Component Count

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