Wide vin LLC resonant controller with high-voltage start up enabling ultra-low standby power

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* Datasheet UCC256301 Hybrid Hysteretic Mode Wide VIN LLC Resonant Controller Enabling Ultra-Low Standby Power datasheet (Rev. C) Jan. 17, 2020
Application notes Migrating to UCC25640x from UCC25630x (Rev. A) Dec. 10, 2019
Application notes Improving Transient Response in LLC Converters Using Hybrid Hysteretic Control (Rev. A) Oct. 22, 2019
Application notes Exceeding Modern Energy Standards with 'Always On' PFC and LLC Controllers​ (Rev. B) Aug. 01, 2019
Technical articles Three considerations for achieving high efficiency and reliability in industrial AC/DC power supplies Apr. 04, 2019
Technical articles How topology selection can help improve reliability in industrial AC/DC power supplies Feb. 14, 2019
Application notes Improving ZVS and efficiency in LLC converters Nov. 05, 2018
User guides Using UCC25630-1EVM-291 (Rev. B) Jan. 30, 2018
Application notes UCC25630x Practical Design Guidelines (Rev. A) Dec. 08, 2017
Software UCC25630x Design Calculator (Rev. B) Nov. 27, 2017
Technical articles “Peak current-mode control” in an LLC converter Nov. 16, 2017
Technical articles How to boost efficiency in your industrial AC/DC power supply Nov. 09, 2017
More literature IEC60065 Certification Nov. 07, 2017
More literature IEC60950 Certification Nov. 07, 2017
More literature IEC62368 Certification Nov. 07, 2017
Application notes AC Ripple Rejection in AC/DC Systems Using LLC Oct. 31, 2017
Selection guides UCC25630x Selection Guide Aug. 29, 2017