120V Boot, 3-A Peak, High Frequency, High-Side/Low-Side Driver



The UCC27201A is a high frequency N-Channel MOSFET driver that includes a bootstrap diode and high-side/low-side driver with independent inputs for maximum control flexibility. This allows for N-Channel MOSFET control in half-bridge, full-bridge, two-switch forward and active clamp forward converters. The low-side and the high-side gate drivers are independently controlled and matched to 1-ns between the turn-on and turn-off of each other. The UCC27201A is based on the popular UCC27201 drivers, but offers some enhancements. In order to improve performance in noisy power supply environments the UCC27201A has an enhanced ESD input structure and also has the ability to withstand a maximum of -18 V on its HS pin.


  • Drives Two N-Channel MOSFETs in
    High-Side/Low-Side Configuration
  • Maximum Boot Voltage
  • Maximum VDD Voltage
  • On-Chip RD Bootstrap Diode
  • Under Voltage Lockout for High-Side and
    Low-Side Driver

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Other qualified versions of UCC27201A-DIE

Version Part Number Definition
Automotive UCC27201A-Q1 Q100 devices qualified for high-reliability automotive applications targeting zero defects