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1.125V threshold low power synchronous boost converter

1.125V threshold low power synchronous boost converter - UCC39411

Recommended alternative parts

  • TPS61020  - The device has the SAME FUNCTIONALITY as the compared device, but is not pin-for-pin equivalent and may not be parametrically equivalent. 
  • TPS61010  - The device has SIMILAR FUNCTIONALITY but is not functionally equivalent to the compared device. 


The UCCx9411 family of low-input voltage, single-inductor-boost converters is optimized to operate from a single or dual alkaline cell, and steps up to a 3.3 V, 5 V, or adjustable output at 200 mW. The UCCx9411 family also provides an auxiliary 7 V output, primarily for the gate-drive supply, which can be used for applications requiring an auxiliary output, such as 5 V, by linear regulating. The primary output starts up under full load at input voltages typically as low as 0.8 V with a ensured max of 1 V, and operates down to 0.5 V once the converter is operating, thereby maximizing battery usage.

The UCCx9411 family is designed to accommodate demanding applications such as pagers and cell phones that require high efficiency over a wide operating range of several milliwatts to a couple of hundred milli-watts. High efficiency at low output current is achieved by optimizing switching and conduction losses with a low total quiescent current. At higher output current, the 0.5 synchronous rectifier along with continuous mode conduction provide high power efficiency. The wide input voltage range of the UCCx9411 family can accommodate other power sources such as NiCd and NiMH.

The UCCx9411 family also provides shutdown control. Packages available are the 8-pin SOIC (D) and 8-pin TSSOP (PW) to optimize board space.


  • 1 V Input Voltage Operation Start-Up Ensured Under Full Load on Main Output, and Operation Down to 0.5 V
  • 200 mW Output Power at Battery Voltages as Low as 0.8 V
  • Secondary 7 V Supply from a Single Inductor
  • Output Fully Disconnected in Shutdown
  • Adaptive Current Mode Control for Optimum Efficiency
  • High Efficiency Over Wide Operating Range
  • 6 µA Shutdown Supply Current
  • Output Reset Function with Programmable Reset Period


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UCC39411 Order now 1     5.5     2     5     0.55     1     500     500     0.048     Synchronous Rectification     100     0 to 70     Converter     Catalog     SOIC | 8