ADS8688AT 16-Bit 500kSPS 8-Ch SAR ADC w/ Bipolar Inputs Using 5V Supply, Low-Drift Vref, and Wide Temp Range |


16-Bit 500kSPS 8-Ch SAR ADC w/ Bipolar Inputs Using 5V Supply, Low-Drift Vref, and Wide Temp Range



The ADS8688AT is an 8-channel, integrated data acquisition system based on a 16-bit successive approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC), operating at a throughput of up to 500 kSPS. The device features integrated analog front-end circuitry for each input channel with up to ±20-V overvoltage protection, an 8-channel multiplexer with automatic and manual scanning modes, and an integrated 4.096-V reference with low temperature drift.

Operating on a single 5-V analog supply, each input channel can support multiple true bipolar as well as unipolar input ranges. Each input range is software-programmable and independent for each channel, enabling maximum system flexibility. The analog front-end gain is accurately trimmed to ensure high dc precision for all input ranges. The device offers a 1-MΩ constant resistive input impedance for any selected input range, enabling direct sensor connection to the device.

The ADS8688AT offers a simple SPI-compatible serial interface to the digital host and also supports daisy-chaining of multiple devices. The digital supply operates from 1.65 V to 5.25 V, enabling direct interface to a wide range of host controllers.


  • 16-Bit ADC With Integrated Analog Front-End
  • 8-Channel MUX With Auto and Manual Scan
  • Channel-Independent Programmable Inputs:
    • ±10.24 V, ±5.12 V, ±2.56 V, ±1.28 V, ±0.64 V
    • 10.24 V, 5.12 V, 2.56 V, 1.28 V
  • 5-V Analog Supply: 1.65-V to 5-V I/O Supply
  • Constant Resistive Input Impedance: 1 MΩ
  • Input Overvoltage Protection: Up to ±20 V
  • Integrated 4.096-V Reference With 6 ppm/°C Drift
  • Excellent Performance:
    • 500-kSPS Aggregate Throughput
    • DNL: ±0.5 LSB; INL: ±0.75 LSB
    • 1-ppm/°C Drift for Gain Error and Offset
    • SNR: 92 dB; THD: –102 dB
    • Low Power: 65 mW
  • AUX Input → Direct Connection to ADC Inputs
  • ALARM → High and Low Thresholds per Channel
  • SPI™-Compatible Interface With Daisy-Chain
  • Temperature Range: –55°C to +125°C
  • TSSOP-38 Package (9.7 mm × 4.4 mm)

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Resolution (Bits)
Sample Rate (Max) (kSPS)
Number of input channels
Operating temperature range (C)
Package Group
Approx. price (US$)
Power consumption (Typ) (mW)
Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
Input type
Multi-channel configuration
Reference mode
Input range (Max) (V)
Input range (Min) (V)
Analog voltage AVDD (Min) (V)
Analog voltage AVDD (Max) (V)
Digital supply (Min) (V)
Digital supply (Max) (V)
INL (Max) (+/-LSB)
SNR (dB)
THD (Typ) (dB)
ADS8688AT ADS8688A
16     16    
500     500    
8     8    
SPI     SPI    
-55 to 125     -40 to 125    
TSSOP | 38     TSSOP | 38    
24.00 | 1ku     9.00 | 1ku    
65     65    
38TSSOP: 62 mm2: 6.4 x 9.7 (TSSOP | 38)     38TSSOP: 62 mm2: 6.4 x 9.7 (TSSOP | 38)    
SAR     SAR    
Single-Ended     Single-Ended    
Multiplexed     Multiplexed    
Over-Voltage Protection
Over-Voltage Protection
10.24     10.24    
-10.24     -10.24    
4.75     4.75    
5.25     5.25    
1.65     1.65    
5.25     5.25    
2     2    
91.5     91.5    
92     92    
-102     -102    
Catalog     Catalog