BQ20Z95 SBS 1.1-Compliant Gas Gauge Enabled w/Impedance Track |

BQ20Z95 (NRND)

SBS 1.1-Compliant Gas Gauge Enabled w/Impedance Track

SBS 1.1-Compliant Gas Gauge Enabled w/Impedance Track - BQ20Z95


The bq20z95 SBS-compliant gas gauge and protection IC is a single IC solution designed for battery-pack or in-system installation. The bq20z95 measures and maintains an accurate record of available charge in Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries using its integrated high-performance analog peripherals, monitors capacity change, battery impedance, open-circuit voltage, and other critical parameters of the battery pack as well and reports the information to the system host controller over a serial-communication bus. Together with the integrated analog front-end (AFE) short-circuit and overload protection, the bq20z95 maximizes functionality and safety while minimizing external component count, cost, and size in smart battery circuits.

The implemented Impedance Track™ gas gauging technology continuously analyzes the battery impedance, resulting in superior gas-gauging accuracy. This enables remaining capacity to be calculated with discharge rate, temperature, and cell aging all accounted for during each stage of every cycle with high accuracy.


  • Next Generation Patented Impedance Track Technology Accurately Measures
    Available Charge in Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Batteries
    • Better Than 1% Error Over Lifetime of the Battery
  • Supports the Smart Battery Specification
    SBS V1.1
  • Flexible Configuration for 2-Series to 4-Series Li-Ion and Li-Polymer
  • Powerful 8-Bit RISC CPU With Ultra-Low Power Modes
  • Full Array of Programmable Protection Features
    • Voltage, Current, and Temperature
  • Supports SHA-1 Authentication
  • Complete Battery Protection and Gas Gauge Solution in One Package
  • Small 44-Pin TSSOP (DBT) Package

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