BQ28550 (NRND)

Single Cell Li-Ion Battery Gas Gauge and Protection

Single Cell Li-Ion Battery Gas Gauge and Protection - BQ28550


The Texas Instruments bq28550-R1 battery gas gauge provides current and voltage protection, and secure, SHA-1/HMAC authentication for single-cell Lithium-Ion battery packs. Designed for battery-pack integration, the bq28550-R1 requires host microcontroller firmware support for implementation. A system processor communicates with the bq28550-R1 using a serial interface to obtain remaining battery capacity, system run-time predictions, and other critical battery information.

The bq28550-R1 gas gauge uses an accurate gas gauging algorithm to report the status of the cell. The gauge provides information such as state-of-charge (%), run-time-to-empty (min.), charge-time to full (min.), battery voltage (V), and pack temperature (°C).

The bq28550-R1 gas gauge also features integrated support for secure battery-pack authentication, using the SHA-1/HMAC authentication algorithm.


  • A Comprehensive Single-Cell Li-Ion Battery Gas
    Gauge and Protection Integrates All Essential
    • Low-Side N-CH FET Protection Control
    • JEITA/Enhanced Charging
    • Authentication
  • Records Battery Gas Gauge Information
  • Protection Functions Help to Prevent:
    • Short-Circuit
    • Overcurrent Charge and Discharge
    • Overvoltage Charge (Overcharge)
    • Undervoltage (Over-Discharge)
  • Firmware Control of Discharge FET
  • SHA-1/HMAC Battery Authentication
  • General Purpose I/O Configurable for One
    of the Following:
    • CFET Control
    • ALERT Output
  • I2C Communications Interface with
    SBS Command Set Operation
  • 12-pin, 2.50-mm × 4.00-mm SON Package

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