(ACTIVE) 16-Cell Battery Monitor With Passive Cell Balancing


Functional Diagram


The bq76PL455A-Q1 device is an integrated 16-cell battery monitoring and protection device, designed for high-reliability automotive applications. The integrated high-speed, differential, capacitor-isolated communications interface allows up to sixteen bq76PL455A-Q1 devices to communicate with a host via a single high-speed Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) interface.

The bq76PL455A-Q1 monitors and detects several different fault conditions, including: overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, and communication faults. Six GPIO ports as well as eight analog AUX ADC inputs are included for additional monitoring and programmable functionality. A secondary thermal shutdown is included for further protection.

The bq76PL455A-Q1 has features that customers may find useful to help them meet functional safety standard requirements. See Safety Manual for bq76PL455A-Q1 (SLUUB67).


  • Monitors and Balances 6-to-16 Cells per Device
  • Highly Accurate Monitoring
    • High Performance 14-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) With Internal Reference
    • All Cells Converted in 2.4 ms (Nominal)
    • Eight AUX Inputs for Temperature and Other Sensors with Input Voltage of 0 V to 5 V
    • Internal Precision Reference
  • Integrated Protector With Separate Vref for Overvoltage (OV) and Undervoltage (UV) Comparators and Programmable VCELL Set Points
  • Engineered for High System Robustness
    • Up to 1-Mb/s Stackable Isolated Differential-UART
    • Up to 16 ICs in Daisy-Chain With Twisted Pair
    • Passes Bulk Current Injection (BCI) Test
    • Designed for Robust Hot-Plug Performance
  • Passive Balancing with External n-FETs and Active Balancing with EMB1428Q/EMB1499Q
  • Can Help Customers Meet Functional Safety Standard Requirements (For Example, ISO26262)
    • Built-in Self-Tests to Validate Defined Internal Functions
    • Support for Open Wire Detection
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified With the Following Results:
    • Device Temperature Grade 2: –40°C to 105°C Ambient Operating Temperature Range
    • Device HBM ESD Classification Level 2
    • Device CDM ESD Classification Level C3


Function Monitoring (Analog Front-End)    
Number of Series Cells (Min) 6    
Number of Series Cells (Max) 16    
Communication Interface Differential Daisy Chain^UART    
Features Cell Balancing^Integrated ADC^Programmable EEPROM or EPROM^Requires separate MCU^Stackable (built-in interface)^Over-temperature (OT)^Over-voltage (OV)^Under-voltage (UV)    
Typical Operating Current (Typ) (uA) 5000    
Rating Automotive    
Vin (Max) (V) 79.2    
Pin/Package 80TQFP    

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