COP472-3 Liquid Crystal Display Controller - COP472-3

COP472-3 (NRND)

COP472-3 Liquid Crystal Display Controller



The COP472-3 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Controller is a peripheral member of the COPS™ family, fabricated using CMOS technology. The COP472-3 drives a multiplexed liquid crystal display directly. Data is loaded serially and is held in internal latches. The COP472-3 contains an on-chip oscillator and generates all the multi-level waveforms for backplanes and segment outputs on a triplex display. One COP472-3 can drive 36 segments multiplexed as 3 x 12 (4½ digit display). Two COP472-3 devices can be used together to drive 72 segments (3 x 24) which could be an 8½ digit display.


  • Direct interface to TRIPLEX LCD
  • Low power dissipation (100 µW typ.)
  • Low cost
  • Compatible with all COPS processors
  • Needs no refresh from processor
  • On-chip oscillator and latches
  • Expandable to longer displays
  • Operates from display voltage
  • MICROWIRE™ compatible serial I/O
  • 20-pin Dual-In-Line package and 20-pin SO

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