8-Bit CMOS Flash Microcontroller with 8k Memory, Virtual EEPROM, 10-Bit A/D and 4.17V to 4.5V Brown

8-Bit CMOS Flash Microcontroller with 8k Memory, Virtual EEPROM, 10-Bit A/D and 4.17V to 4.5V Brown - COP8CCE9


The COP8CBE9/CCE9 Flash microcontrollers are highly integratedCOP8 Feature core devices, with 8k Flash memory and advanced features including Virtual EEPROM, A/D, High Speed Timers, USART, and Brownout Reset. This single-chip CMOS device is suited for applications requiring a full featured, in-system reprogrammable controller with large memory and low EMI. The same device is used for development, pre-production and volume production with a range of COP8 software and hardware development tools.



  • 8k bytes Flash Program Memory with Security Feature
  • Virtual EEPROM using Flash Program Memory
  • 256byte volatile RAM
  • 10-bit Successive Approximation Analog to Digital Converter (up to 16 channels)
  • 100% Precise Analog Emulation
  • USART with Onchip Baud Benerator
  • 2.7V – 5.5V In-System Programmability of Flash
  • High endurance -100k Read/Write Cycles
  • Superior Data Retention - 100 years
  • Dual Clock Operation with HALT/IDLE Power Save Modes
  • Two 16-bit timers:
    • Timer T2 can operate at high speed (50 ns resolution)
    • Processor Independent PWM mode
    • External Event counter mode
    • Input Capture mode
  • Brown-out Reset
  • High Current I/Os
    • B0–B3: 10 mA @ 0.3V
    • All others: 10 mA @ 1.0V

  • Single Supply Operation:
    • 2.7V–5.5V (0°C to +70°C)
    • 4.5V–5.5V (−40°C to +125°C)
  • Quiet Design (low radiated emissions)
  • Multi-Input Wake-up with optional interrupts
  • MICROWIRE/PLUS (Serial Peripheral Interface Compatible)
  • Clock Doubler
    • 20 MHz operation from 10 MHz Oscillator (COP8CCE9) with 0.5 μs Instruction Cycle
    • 6.67 MHz operation from 3.33 MHz Oscillator (COP8CBE9) with 1.5 μs Instruction Cycle
  • Eleven Multi-source Vectored Interrupts Servicing:
    • External Interrupt
    • USART (2)
    • Idle Timer T0
    • Two Timers (each with 2 interrupts)
    • MICROWIRE/PLUS Serial peripheral interface
    • Multi-Input Wake-up
    • Software Trap
  • Idle Timer with programmable interrupt interval
  • 8-bit Stack Pointer SP (stack in RAM)
  • Two 8-bit Register Indirect Data Memory Pointers
  • True bit manipulation
  • WATCHDOG and Clock Monitor logic
  • Software selectable I/O options
    • TRI-STATE Output/High Impedance Input
    • Push-Pull Output
    • Weak Pull Up Input
  • Schmitt trigger inputs on I/O ports
  • Temperature range: 0°C to +70°C and –40°C to +125°C (COP8CCE9)
  • Packaging: 44 PLCC, 44 WQFN and 48 TSSOP

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