8-Bit CMOS OTP Based with 8k Memory, Two Comparators, and USART - COP8SGE7


8-Bit CMOS OTP Based with 8k Memory, Two Comparators, and USART



The COP8SG Family ROM and OTP based microcontrollers are highly integrated COP8 Feature core devices with 8k to 32k memory and advanced features including Analog comparators, and zero external components. These single-chip CMOS devices are suited for more complex applications requiring a full featured controller with larger memory, low EMI, two comparators, and a full-duplex USART. COP8SGx7 devices are 100% form-fit-function compatible OTP (One Time Programmable) versions for use in production or development of the COP8SGx5 ROM.

Erasable windowed versions (Q3) are available for use with a range of COP8 software and hardware development tools.

Family features include an 8-bit memory mapped architecture, 15 MHz CKI with 0.67 μs instruction cycle, 14 interrupts, three multi-function 16-bit timer/counters with PWM, full duplex USART, MICROWIRE/PLUS, two analog comparators, two power saving HALT/IDLE modes, MIWU, idle timer, on-chip R/C oscillator, high current outputs, user selectable options (WATCHDOG, 4 clock/oscillator modes, power-on-reset), 2.7V to 5.5V operation, program code security, and 28/40/44 pin packages.


  • Low Cost 8‐Bit Microcontroller
  • Quiet Design (Low Radiated Emissions)
  • Multi-Input Wakeup Pins with Optional Interrupts (8 pins)
  • Mask Selectable Clock Options
    • Crystal Oscillator
    • Crystal Oscillator Option with On-Chip Bias Resistor
    • External Oscillator
    • Internal R/C Oscillator
  • Internal Power-On-Reset—User Selectable
  • WATCHDOG and Clock Monitor Logic—User Selectable
  • Eight High Current Outputs
  • 256 or 512 Bytes On-Board RAM
  • 8k to 32k ROM or OTP EPROM with Security Feature

CPU Features

  • Versatile Easy to Use Instruction Set
  • 0.67 μs Instruction Cycle Time
  • Fourteen Multi-Source Vectored Interrupts Servicing
    • External Interrupt / Timers T0 — T3
    • MICROWIRE/PLUS Serial Interface
    • Multi-Input Wake Up
    • Software Trap
    • USART (2; 1 Receive and 1 Transmit)
    • Default VIS (Default Interrupt)
  • 8-Bit Stack Pointer SP (Stack in RAM)
  • Two 8-bit Register Indirect Data Memory Pointers
  • True Bit Manipulation
  • BCD Arithmetic Instructions

Peripheral Features

  • Multi-Input Wakeup Logic
  • Three 16-bit timers (T1 — T3), each with two 16-bit registers supporting:
    • Processor Independent PWM mode
    • External Event Counter mode
    • Input Capture mode
  • Idle Timer (T0)
  • MICROWIRE/PLUS Serial Interface (SPI Compatible)
  • Full Duplex USART
  • Two Analog Comparators

I/O Features

  • Software Selectable I/O Options (TRI-STATE Output,Push-Pull Output, Weak Pull-Up Input, and High Impedance Input)
  • Schmitt Trigger Inputs on Ports G and L
  • Eight High Current Outputs
  • Packages: 28 SOIC with 24 I/O pins, 40 PDIP with 36 I/O pins, 44 PLCC, LQFP and WQFN with 40 I/O pins

Fully Static CMOS Design

  • Low Current Drain (typically < 4 μA)
  • Two Power Saving Modes: HALT and IDLE

Temperature Range

  • −40°C to +85°C, −40°C to +125°C

Development Support

  • Windowed Packages for PDIP and PLCC
  • Real Time Emulation and Debug Tools Available

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