20-Bit Delta-Sigma Low Power Digital-To-Analog Converter - DAC1220


20-Bit Delta-Sigma Low Power Digital-To-Analog Converter



The DAC1220 is a 20-bit digital-to-analog (D/A) converter offering 20-bit monotonic performance over the specified temperature range. It utilizes delta-sigma technology to achieve inherently linear performance in a small package at very low power. The resolution of the device can be programmed to 20 bits for Full-Scale, settling to 0.003% within 15ms typical, or 16 bits for Full-Scale, settling to 0.012% within 2ms max. The output range is two times the external reference voltage. On-chip calibration circuitry dramatically reduces low offset and gain errors.

The DAC1220 features a synchronous serial interface; in single-converter applications, the serial interface can be accomplished with just two wires, allowing low-cost isolation. For multiple converters, a CS signal allows for selection of the appropriate D/A converter.

The DAC1220 has been designed for closed-loop control applications in the industrial process control market and high-resolution applications in the test and measurement market. It is also ideal for remote applications, battery-powered instruments, and isolated systems. The DAC1220 is available in an SSOP-16 package.


  • 20-Bit Monotonicity Ensured Over –40°C to +85°C
  • Low Power: 2.5mW
  • Voltage Output
  • Settling Time: 2ms to 0.012%
  • Maximum Linearity Error: ±0.0015%
  • On-Chip Calibration
    • Process Control
    • ATE Pin Electronics
    • Closed-Loop Servo Control
    • Smart Transmitters
    • Portable Instruments

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Resolution (Bits)
DAC Channels
DAC Architecture
Output Type
Output Range Min. (mA/V)
Output Range Max. (mA/V)
Settling Time (µs)
Reference: Type
Operating Temperature Range (C)
DAC1220 DAC1221
20    16   
1    1   
Delta-Sigma    Delta-Sigma   
SPI    SPI   
Unbuffered Voltage    Unbuffered Voltage   
0    0   
5.5    2.8   
2000    2000   
Ext    Ext   
Catalog    Catalog   
16SSOP    16SSOP   
-40 to 85    -40 to 85   
On-chip Offset and Gain Calibration    N/A