4-Channel, True 14-Bit, SPI Voltage-Output DAC With Precision Internal Reference

4-Channel, True 14-Bit, SPI Voltage-Output DAC With Precision Internal Reference - DAC70504


The DACx0504 is a pin-compatible family of low-power, four-channel, buffered voltage-output, digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with 16- and 14-bit resolution. The DACx0504 includes a 2.5-V, 5-ppm/°C internal reference, eliminating the need for an external precision reference in most applications. A user-selectable gain configuration provides full-scale output voltages of 1.25 V (gain = ½), 2.5 V (gain = 1), or 5 V (gain = 2). This device operates from a single 2.7-V to 5.5-V supply, is specified monotonic, and provides high linearity of ±1 LSB INL.

Communication to the DACx0504 is performed through a 4-wire serial interface that operates at clock rates of up to 50 MHz. The VIO pin enables serial interface operation from 1.7 V to 5.5 V. The DACx0504 flexible interface enables operation with a wide range of industry-standard microprocessors and microcontrollers.

The DACx0504 incorporates a power-on-reset circuit that powers up and maintains the DAC outputs at either zero scale or midscale until a valid code is written to the device. This device consumes low current of 0.7 mA/channel at 5.5 V, making it suitable for battery-operated equipment. A per-channel power-down feature reduces the device current consumption to 15 µA.

The DACx0504 is characterized for operation over the temperature range of –40°C to +125°C, and is available in a small, 3-mm × 3-mm, QFN package.


  • Performance
    • INL: ±1 LSB Maximum at 16-Bit Resolution
    • TUE: ±0.14% of FSR Maximum
  • Integrated 2.5 V Precision Internal Reference
    • Initial Accuracy: ±5 mV, Maximum
    • Low Drift: 5 ppm/°C, Typical
  • High Drive Capability: 20 mA With 0.5 V From Supply Rails
  • Flexible Output Configuration
    • User Selectable Gain: 2, 1 or ½
    • Reset to Zero Scale or Midscale
  • Wide Operating Range
    • Power Supply: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
    • Temperature: –40˚C to +125˚C
  • 50-MHz, SPI-Compatible Serial Interface
    • 4-Wire Mode, 1.7 V to 5.5 V Operation
    • Daisy-Chain Operation
    • CRC Error Check
  • Low Power: 0.7 mA/Channel at 5.5 V
  • Small Package: 3-mm × 3-mm, 16-Pin WQFN

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Resolution (Bits)
DAC Architecture
DAC Channels
Output Range (Max) (mA/V)
Output Range (Min) (mA/V)
Settling Time (µs)
Output Type
Reference: Type
Operating Temperature Range (C)
DAC70504 DAC80504
14    16   
R-2R    R-2R   
4    4   
SPI    SPI   
5    5   
0    0   
5    4   
Buffered Voltage    Buffered Voltage   
Int    Int   
-40 to 125    -40 to 125   
Reset to Mid-Scale    N/A   

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