SLASED6D April 2016  – December 2017 DAC60004 , DAC70004 , DAC80004


  1. Features
  2. Applications
  3. Description
  4. Revision History
  5. Device Comparison Table
  6. Pin Configuration and Functions
  7. Specifications
    1. 7.1Absolute Maximum Ratings
    2. 7.2ESD Ratings
    3. 7.3Recommended Operating Conditions
    4. 7.4Thermal Information
    5. 7.5Electrical Characteristics
    6. 7.6DACx0004 Timing Requirements
    7. 7.7Typical Characteristics
  8. Detailed Description
    1. 8.1Overview
    2. 8.2Functional Block Diagram
    3. 8.3Feature Description
      1. 8.3.1Output Amplifier
      2. 8.3.2Reference Buffer
      3. 8.3.3Power-On Reset
        1. Pin Feature
        2. Power-On Reset (IPOR) Levels
    4. 8.4Device Functional Modes
      1. 8.4.1Serial Interface
        1. Mode
          1. Interrupt - Stand-Alone Mode
          2. Mode
        2. Mode
          1. Interrupt - Daisy-Chain Mode
      2. 8.4.2SPI Shift Register
      3. 8.4.3DAC Power-Down Modes
      4. 8.4.4CLR Pin Functionality and Software CLEAR Mode
        1. Clear Mode Registers
      5. 8.4.5LDAC Pin Functionality
        1. LDAC Mode Registers
      6. 8.4.6Software Reset Mode
      7. 8.4.7Output Short Circuit Limit Register
      8. 8.4.8Status Register
  9. Application and Implementation
    1. 9.1Application Information
    2. 9.2Typical Application - Digitally Controlled Asymmetric Bipolar Output
      1. 9.2.1Design Requirements
      2. 9.2.2Detailed Design Procedure
      3. 9.2.3Application Curve
  10. 10Power Supply Recommendations
  11. 11Layout
    1. 11.1Layout Guidelines
    2. 11.2Layout Example
  12. 12Device and Documentation Support
    1. 12.1Receiving Notification of Documentation Updates
    2. 12.2Related Links
    3. 12.3Community Resources
    4. 12.4Trademarks
    5. 12.5Electrostatic Discharge Caution
    6. 12.6Glossary
  13. 13Mechanical, Packaging, and Orderable Information

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Orderable Information


  • True 16-Bit Performance: 1 LSB INL/DNL (Max)
  • Ultra Low Glitch Energy: 1 nV-s
  • Wide Power-Supply Range: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Output Buffer with Rail-to-Rail Operation
  • Current Consumption: 1 mA/Channel
  • 50-MHz, 4- or 3-Wire SPI Compatible Interface
  • SDO Pin for Readback and Daisy Chain
  • Power-On Reset to Zero or Mid Scale
  • Temperature Range: –40°C to +125°C
  • Multiple Packages:
    • Tiny 14-Pin VSON
    • 14-Pin TSSOP


  • Portable Instrumentation
  • PLC Analog Output Module (4-20 mA)
  • Closed-Loop Servo Control
  • Data Acquisition Systems


The DAC80004/70004/60004 (DACx0004) are highly accurate, low-power, voltage-output, quad-channel, 16-, 14-, 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) respectively. The DACx0004 devices are ensured monotonic by design and offer excellent linearity of less than 1 LSB (Max). The reference input of the DAC is buffered internally using a dedicated reference buffer.

The DACx0004 devices incorporate a power-on-reset circuit that ensures the DAC output powers up at zero scale or mid scale depending on status of the POR pin and remains in this state until a valid code is written to the device. These devices consume very low current of 1 mA/channel making them ideal for portable, battery-operated equipment. These devices also contain a power-down feature that reduces current consumption to typically 3 µA at 5 V.

The DACx0004 devices use a versatile 4- or 3-wire serial interface that operates at clock rates up to 50 MHz. The DACx0004 devices also include a SDO pin to daisy chain multiple devices. The interface is compatible with standard SPI™, QSPI™, Microwire, and digital signal processor (DSP) interfaces. The DACx0004 devices are offered in easy-to-assemble 14-pin TSSOP packages or an ultra small 14-pin VSON package and are fully specified over the extended industrial temperature range of –40°C to 125°C.

Device Information(1)

DACx0004VSON (14)3.00 mm x 4.00 mm
DACx0004TSSOP (14)5.00 mm x 4.40 mm
  1. For all available packages, see the orderable addendum at the end of the data sheet.

DACx0004 Block Diagram

DAC80004 DAC70004 DAC60004 SLASE44_DACx0004_Block_diagrams.gif

Linearity Error vs Digital Input Code

DAC80004 DAC70004 DAC60004 D014_slase44.gif